Request For Intros (RFI):

Looking to meet investors, founders, connectors in Poland, Stockholm, and Tallinn the next 11 days, if they are into our @PronomosVC space of charter cities, network states & 21st century statecraft.

DM me on any platform.

AMSTERDAM peeps - spontaneous layover lunch tomorrow (Thursday), if you want to talk seasteading, charter cities, and network states then meet in the lobby of the Schiphol Airport Hilton at 11:30am.

(oh and if you find this inspiring AND have the operational resources to make it happen, DM me)

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Might do a podcast where I only interview leaders in the pre-2000 scene. If you'd love this to happen, vote with a like or R/T.

I'd invite guests like @NatashaVitaMore, @MaxMore5, @zooko, @webmasterdave, @lifeext, @marksammiller, Nick Bostrom, my dad and many more.

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Been thinking lately about our extropian-futurist-transhumanist-make scifi real-geek tribe's many orders of magnitude growth, and the need for the elders to tell their stories to pass on the founding culture.

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Sit around the fire, children, and hear a story of your tribal ancestors (WIRED - 1994 - "Meet the Extropians")

Oh how far we've come, I think, and yet, oh how much we're still the same, from my optimist-hosting Santa Cruz Mountain home w/ a hot tub 😂.

Price changes in our news and finance apps should be over the last week, month, or year.

24h default windows are insane. Obviously harmful. I can’t even find an option to change this on my FTX app.

My citadel is a monastery. Slow down or go away.

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Innovators always seem young. This is a riddle whose answer my dad told me long ago. Try to solve it if you like. The answer can be stated as a single (obscure, technical) word.

I’ll put a hint in first comment. Then some spacers.

For the broad culture to become functional, the people who make movies (etc) must be functional people choosing to instill function values with their work.

I’m going out on a limb and predict that in the next 20 years, Dubai’s growth will be as massive as the last 20 years.

(If considered roughly across the obviously meaningful metrics - and if that settles your objection, please realize those objections are dumb.)

So cool to see Dubai, the pioneer in creating common-law based zones to spur economic development, helping countries around the world do the same.

So many concepts from code that can be applied to law - wrappers, encapsulation, modularity, tech stack, open source...
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Dubai’s largest SEZ and arbitration center is creating a Free Trade Zone in Colombia that has already attracted 20,000 companies.

The Cartagena Internat…

“Pronouns let people express their unique identity, fly their freak flag, break free from old narrow-minded ways…now pick one from our approved list.”

I 🤬🤬🤬when jailers bend one cage bar & say: “Look, freedom!”

NO! Freedom is having no jailer but myself and God.

I’m slowly learning simplicity of language by squeezing every letter I can from my tweets. Now seeing how crucial it is for writing in general.
RT @realBrookNash
"utilize" 👉 "use"
"however" 👉 "but"
"in order to" 👉 "to"
"in the event that" 👉 "if"
"therefore" 👉 "that's why"
"has the ability to" 👉 "can"
"due to the fact that" 👉 "because"

You can’t corrupt a nation without first corrupting their philosophy.

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Something I heard the late author Jerry Pournelle say that stuck with me — “I don’t insist that my friends like each other.” It seems like such a basically wise statement that I sort of expected it had a long history, but google doesn’t quickly show any uses of it.

The crypto scene in Texas is about to get a lot more interesting…
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The 5th Circuit just dismantled the SEC's power to enforce securities law. This decision is beyond radical. It is nihilistic.

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