What…the…fuck. Every fountain is *already* touchless - it has that thing at the back you press with the cup to dispense. What sick slick sales asshole convinced fast food they need these ugly prongs to be touchless?!?!?

Wow, this Startup Society dashboard is such a slick offering from @balajis as part of The Network State. It lists 20+ societies with one-click to their website, twitter, discord, and society application:

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How do we get the first network state with diplomatic recognition? We’ll need a pipeline of hundreds, perhaps thousands of startup societies.

Fortunately, there are already 20+ such s…

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How do we get the first network state with diplomatic recognition? We’ll need a pipeline of hundreds, perhaps thousands of startup societies.

Fortunately, there are already 20+ such societies today. So we set up a little dashboard to track them: thenetworkstate.com/dashboard

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Patri Friedman (software engineer and founder of the Seasteading Institute and Pronomos Capital)

Guy knows what matters - Liberty and Steampunk.
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Elon Musk (SpaceX + Tesla + Neuralink + Paypal)

Learning that Patri has several Indic meanings. In Hindi it means pavement, in Urdu it means track, and in ancient Sanskrit it means a basin, vessel or small furnace, and is used in phrases like below. Wow.


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Was looking at "patri" domains to acquire some more and 🤯 at all these companies. ❤️ that "$34 Million Saved Using Patri", "Making Your House a Beautiful Home", 🇧🇷PATRI "is non-partisan, secular...ethical and effective", but most of all...

The freedom not to pledge allegiance - 1943 - West Virginia vs Barnette. Soul stirring words defending genuine diversity. That’s my America.

And finally - true to my silicon valley roots - that social and political change largely happens because technology changes incentives; hence if you want such change, figure out what needs to exist and build it, don't go on a speaking tour.

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And that the design of laws and institutions is an engineering problem, requiring trial and error and tinkering, not a theoretical problem that can be done simply with philosophy or by defining morality.

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Instead we should work at the root level - increasing competition in the global governance industry:

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And points out that because policies are an emergent behavior of political systems, "policy-fixing" is actually as naive as "price-fixing", yet few economically literate people get this.

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It gives a specific model for why most political actions are so misguided - because they don't change the systems and their incentives:

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If people give you shit for radiating optimistic energy in our largely pessimistic world, "the case for realistic optimism" by @packyM will give you some good argument ammo (should you deign to do so).


This brief aside on why we should cultivate integrity by John Stuart Mill is 🔥. The disparity between ancient & modern understanding of virtue is so striking.

I wish schools taught ancient wisdom as “Here is how to live”, not “Learn about this irrelevant relic”.
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People who criticize "utilitarianism" are often actually criticizing something quite different, like coldness or expediency.

John Stuart Mill himse…

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[email protected] “bookapp” concept is a glimpse into the future of internet-native books.


Hey kids, remember to clear your plate for Monday, when the Network State drops.

It will enthrall you during the read, then bounce around your head sparking thoughts like 🎇 in your brain.
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So excited to read @balajis’ book on the Network State & starting new countries - and thrilled that it’s at #4 on the entire Kindle Store!

IOW: Welcome to the world where competitive governance is no longer a niche interest 🎉📈🚀🌇


“Pronouns let people express their unique identity, fly their freak flag, break free from old narrow-minded ways…now pick one from our approved list.”

I 🤬🤬🤬when jailers bend one cage bar & say: “Look, freedom!”

NO! Freedom is having no jailer but myself and God.

I've been shocked at how little the cultivation (修炼) genre is known in the communities seeking to upgrade humanity to transcend natural limits, as with eternal life. It resonates with me and inspires me - look at how aligned it is! Let's get the word out!
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Immutable money, infinite frontier, eternal life. theguardian.com/technology/201

Scroll if you don't read (仙俠). If you not only enjoy it but draw inspiration in your life philosophy from the genre, expand this tweet & let's make a little online community.

(Image from: amzn.to/3wtn9A0)

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