Sit around the fire, children, and hear a story of your tribal ancestors (WIRED - 1994 - "Meet the Extropians")

Oh how far we've come, I think, and yet, oh how much we're still the same, from my optimist-hosting Santa Cruz Mountain home w/ a hot tub 😂.

Been thinking lately about our extropian-futurist-transhumanist-make scifi real-geek tribe's many orders of magnitude growth, and the need for the elders to tell their stories to pass on the founding culture.

Might do a podcast where I only interview leaders in the pre-2000 scene. If you'd love this to happen, vote with a like or R/T.

I'd invite guests like @NatashaVitaMore, @MaxMore5, @zooko, @webmasterdave, @lifeext, @marksammiller, Nick Bostrom, my dad and many more.

(oh and if you find this inspiring AND have the operational resources to make it happen, DM me)

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