Scroll if you don't read (仙俠). If you not only enjoy it but draw inspiration in your life philosophy from the genre, expand this tweet & let's make a little online community.

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This morning while lifting, my mind drifted to future plans and ideas for growth, and an inner voice said "Hey, let that all go to be present for this moment's cultivation technique (static press)". Then I burst out laughing to see...

...that cultivation is now in my growth paradigms.

Now it makes so much sense that I am delighted and inspired by the genre. Growth one of my highest values AND my top internal growth slogan is "Inward & Upward" - a core pillar of the cultivation mindset!

From that tiny moment of enlightenment, it was clear that to follow my Dao I need a group of like-minded friends who not only love Xianxia (仙俠) and Cultivation (修炼) but see it as a philosophy relevant to our life in present reality.


If that sounds like you, drop a comment or a DM. Initial plan is an FB group but I'm open to Clubhouse, Twitter Spaces, Discord, whatever to hang & jam with my brothers & sisters in challenging the heavens for strength, health, and eternal life.

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