Sure, modern ills can be avoided, but it's really hard. The time and smarts needed increase every year, and that means more ppl in WALL-E hell.

We need solutions that scale & adapt as fast as the problems, and we aren't even close. This worries me.
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You have to be smart enough to avoid
-Industrial food
-Mindless entertainment
-Drug abuse

If so, modernity…

I do think we're moving towards that answer. Things like paleo, @[email protected], cohousing/@[email protected], @[email protected], @[email protected] point to a future where you can subscribe to a healthy lifestyle, including living space, food, products (CPG), all designed to make healthy choices the default.

But right now, we each have to research & assemble the components of a healthy life, DIY couture. Yeah, it can be fun at times, but it's horribly inefficient!

I want to focus on my piece - improving governance - without having to also become an expert anti-modernity shaman!


From current trends, I think the answer will most likely come from the new living space industry, which will evolve into arcologies to support specific lifestyles.

(And if I have my way, they'll be locally autonomous & self-governed as well)

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