“Pronouns let people express their unique identity, fly their freak flag, break free from old narrow-minded ways…now pick one from our approved list.”

I 🤬🤬🤬when jailers bend one cage bar & say: “Look, freedom!”

NO! Freedom is having no jailer but myself and God.

I’m slowly learning simplicity of language by squeezing every letter I can from my tweets. Now seeing how crucial it is for writing in general.
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"utilize" 👉 "use"
"however" 👉 "but"
"in order to" 👉 "to"
"in the event that" 👉 "if"
"therefore" 👉 "that's why"
"has the ability to" 👉 "can"
"due to the fact that" 👉 "because"

You can’t corrupt a nation without first corrupting their philosophy.

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Something I heard the late author Jerry Pournelle say that stuck with me — “I don’t insist that my friends like each other.” It seems like such a basically wise statement that I sort of expected it had a long history, but google doesn’t quickly show any uses of it.

The crypto scene in Texas is about to get a lot more interesting…
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The 5th Circuit just dismantled the SEC's power to enforce securities law. This decision is beyond radical. It is nihilistic. twitter.com/prof_jpc/status/15

So much of parenting is just holding yourself back while saying loudly “You can do it!”

Would love opinions from @balajis, @ESYudkowsky, @lifeext, @FHIOxford, @NatashaVitaMore, @zoltan_istvan et al.

My sense is that this could be a powerful element in amplifying the already mind-blowing audience growth these ideas have had in the last few decades. Thanks!

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I started with these amazing free Kindle Unlimited books:

Coiling Dragon amzn.to/3lnUF5O
I Shall Seal The Heavens - amzn.to/38BV2H5
Cradle - amzn.to/3NhBQgk

And ofc you can find unlimited opinions on the best novels all over the internet 😂

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I've been shocked at how little the cultivation (修炼) genre is known in the communities seeking to upgrade humanity to transcend natural limits, as with eternal life. It resonates with me and inspires me - look at how aligned it is! Let's get the word out!
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Immutable money, infinite frontier, eternal life. theguardian.com/technology/201

If that sounds like you, drop a comment or a DM. Initial plan is an FB group but I'm open to Clubhouse, Twitter Spaces, Discord, whatever to hang & jam with my brothers & sisters in challenging the heavens for strength, health, and eternal life.

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From that tiny moment of enlightenment, it was clear that to follow my Dao I need a group of like-minded friends who not only love Xianxia (仙俠) and Cultivation (修炼) but see it as a philosophy relevant to our life in present reality.

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...that cultivation is now in my growth paradigms.

Now it makes so much sense that I am delighted and inspired by the genre. Growth one of my highest values AND my top internal growth slogan is "Inward & Upward" - a core pillar of the cultivation mindset!

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This morning while lifting, my mind drifted to future plans and ideas for growth, and an inner voice said "Hey, let that all go to be present for this moment's cultivation technique (static press)". Then I burst out laughing to see...

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Scroll if you don't read (仙俠). If you not only enjoy it but draw inspiration in your life philosophy from the genre, expand this tweet & let's make a little online community.

(Image from: amzn.to/3wtn9A0)

LF a great reading list to inculcate new founders with the Dao of Startups? Must be concise, ofc.

I'd start with all of @paulg paulgraham.com/articles.html & @sgblank amzn.to/3a8t1HF. What else is foundational and time-efficient?

I just went from opening Coinbase to having cash hit my bank account in 30 seconds. Holy shit. Crypto is instantly fungible.

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Founders, let us pray.

Our Partner, who art in venture;

Hallowed be thy fund; thy deals be done;

Give us this day our daily term sheet and forgive us our tweets;

Lead us not into a down round, but deliver us from the bear market.


Huh, so an algorithmic (ie not fully collateralized) stablecoin, offering 20% interest rates, turned out to be unsound and collapsed?

Imagine that. Almost like two (roughly) impossible things combined is bound to fail...

The Pulitzer Prizes for lies/coverups are infuriating, and part of a broader pattern of institutions building trust, misusing it, getting caught, and losing trust.

Which means we now get the joy of rebuilding them in modern ways (crypto, @PronomosVC, etc)
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Pulitzer Prizes were announced yesterday. As you may know, @nytimes has more Pulitzers than any other newspaper.

What you don't know is how many of those…

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