Super excited for the new Open Zone Map by @AdrianopleGroup - the largest dataset of SEZs ever made, presented in an explorable interactive map. Give it a try at:
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Welcome to Open Zone Map - the largest dataset and only interactive map of Special Economic Zones.


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Join Pronomos’ GP @patrissimo and our partners @AdrianopleGroup for the public launch of the largest ever global special economic zone dataset.

See more about the launch on the link below:

Anyone who is serious about taking this on should DM me to discuss the value prop, common myths, and major challenges.
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Crowdfund the crypto cruise ship

Cruise ships are cheap now. And if you booked out the whole year, they’d probably be cheaper. @patrissimo and I have discussed this for years as perhaps the most feasible MVP of seasteading.

Now it may be possible…

New article: What is an NFT?

Spoiler: It’s just property title on the blockchain. Very simple, and very important.

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What makes theft so disturbing to watch?

I'm trying to figure it out.

SF residents -- feel free to DM me your Walgreens stories.

Via exit and voice, we need to fix this. Think about how much harder it gets each decade to be proud to be an American. And how truly sad that is. The rot has become undeniable, so let’s gather with those who find it unacceptable.
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proposal: a dashboard that aggregates the most visceral failure markers of a declining US State capacity.

thread below (which I suspect I'll keep adding to on a regular basis)


I propose we name this the Eliezer Criterion: “Judge real life proposals by their degree of epic tropeness” 😂

It’s, umm…a pretty damn good criterion as long as at least a few people analyze seriously. I would love to see a lot more epic tropeness in the world.
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I will always support any proposal which ends in the human species building a vast, dangerous, inscrutably powerful artifact…

Hey all, I will be on a panel for "Disrupting Politics" in about 10 minutes, it's livestreamed if you're interested.

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Just started Max Chafkin's new Peter Thiel book ("The Contrarian"). In anticipation of it, also re-read Thiel's 2014 Reddit AMA...tons of interesting answers.

THREAD: Here are 10 of them including on Elon, MBAs, Facebook, Bitcoin and Palantir.

At @PronomosVC we are finding the bottleneck to be founders and knowledge, so I’m excited for this guidebook which can get you up to speed on some important elements of working in this sector.
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Charter cities are new cities with new rules. The Governance Handbook is the first comprehensive guide that lays out what these rules should be, and how they should be administered.

Download the CCI Governance Handbook here: …

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Charter cities are new cities with new rules. The Governance Handbook is the first comprehensive guide that lays out what these rules should be, and how they should be administered.

Download the CCI Governance Handbook here:

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there's a netflix superhero cartoon set in Charter City

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I’m releasing a full band punk version of Sea Steading, because I accidentally left the live Singer/Songwriter version of it off the album. Sorry @patrissimo @Seasteading I hope this makes up for it.

Interesting new city project in US. It’s a sort of Georgism meets crypto model where land value taxes are used to provide services to increase the value / grow the city, and perhaps even pay dividends to citizens. Much like a token economy.
NEW COVER: Our Cities Issue

The guy behind plans to build the world’s best city, save capitalism, and not raise your taxes

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I recently visited Próspera, a Honduran startup city

I had a ton of questions! I figured others might too, so I wrote an FAQ to share what I learned:

My hope is that this document will help startup city builders learn from the path Próspera is carving

Welcome to the post-bio-post-cyber-post-hope-post-unity-post-truth era. Let us depart it posthaste. Besides our shields, ideally, not on them. I sense this requires some recognition of some unpleasant realities. But which? And by who?

Not me, I hope. So say we all.

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Nothing seems real anymore. Vengeance, glory, hope, dissolution, past, future. All just artists’ portrayal’s - oh and the artist has been MeToo’d. Did you once donate to his Indiegogo? Please experience an inchoate fear forever. Wonder what that will do to your viral load?

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I don’t know. I am old, and tired, and sick of war. The glory of isolation is all moonshine. I have had my shot, and yet I’m still surrounded by shrieks and groans, desolation and misery. I miss the old days - the glorious 90s & 00’s, even the grinding 2010’s.

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Why don’t we know? Who don’t we trust? Might appeasing the gods via burnt offerings have been overall less costly than the germ theory of disease has been this century? (Ok, probably not…but the last 18 months…?)

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Am I more threatened today by reduced social contact with my family and friends, reduced travel, exercise or by the pandemic directly? 5 years from now what will a regression show as my greatest direct health factors this year?

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