TIL that if your public Zoom doesn't have strict security settings, you may be "Zoombombed" and inundated with imagery of a type you haven't seen since the days of goatse.cx.

Once remedied, I of course riffed on this as a metaphor for the modern world.

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2020 is (Still) the Decade of the City - our first newsletter discusses creating more resilient governments; our planned accelerator to help early stage City Projects; and tonight's Foresight Institute virtual salon: mailchi.mp/pronomos/2020-is-st

Your peacetime mentality is the wrong way to think about World War V.

Were British women trained to run munitions factories in 1939? No. But it was war, and so they went out and learned how to run munitions factories. Most 62-year olds from Ohio can do the same.
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@patrissimo @ESYudkowsky Maybe on the margin, but as long as you have sparse, scattered recoveries, I don't see it working. Is the re…

TLDR; do tests to identify recovered people, have those ppl do the jobs that require interaction (health care, delivery), and you can dial down distancing & dial up economy as ppl recover, without increasing transmission. Seems like a no-brainer.
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This thread will take a few steps, and begins with a premise:

Testing for viral shedding (via PCR) is critical and we need more of it (far more…

Anyone else want to suggest (easy to obtain) variables? Want to help sponsor? Write a 1-pager outlining this Covid cities analysis project? @WilliamAEden@twitter.com @zooko@twitter.com @balajis@twitter.com @rabois@twitter.com @justinowings@twitter.com @TaylorPearsonMe@twitter.com @ArthurB@twitter.com

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Report must include at least age, temp, masks, normalized time of lockdown, density. Countries ideally would be chosen randomly (maybe excluding those without data available).

Let's stop chit chatting & making pairwise comparisons (NY vs SF) and do some ****ing science!

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Sure, it's not perfect, there aren't that many data points, there are confounders. But it's sooo much better than what ppl are doing now, and really it's not that much work. It could actually inform effective policy.

I will offer $250 for the first report with 20+ countries.

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Use Worldometers data for cases. Maybe normalize dates by days from 100 to 333 to 1000 cases, deaths.

Look up all the factors ppl are talking about: pop density, weather, masks, date of shelter orders, type of shelter orders, age, etc

Then run a regression.

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I see a lot of questions on all my feeds about what causes differences in covid between cities, regions, and countries. These anecdotal comparisons are a time-wasting trap.

Instead of all these myopic, siloed comparisons, let's do the damn math on all of it! ($ Prize below)

Leaders of small remote distributed teams: what's your meeting structure? How often do you do scheduled 1:1s & team meetings? By video or sth else? Text chat? Audio notes? How do you balance interaction & efficiency?

(Feel free to link to fave articles)

In the war against tribalism, moderators of small communities and lists are the front-line heroes. They are the local cops of our virtual small-towns.

I'm psyched to kick off virtual conference season by joining @foresightinst@twitter.com tomorrow!

Stay tuned for more videoconf / AMA / periscope type announcements in April. If we're going to be quarantined we might as well talk about building pandemic-proof Cities of Tomorrow!
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Join us - TOMORROW @ @foresightinst's Sanity Preserver Virtua@foresightinst@twitter.comi @patrissimo will lead the…

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Dear fellow VCs. It is 2020, the year of . Humanity's common enemy is a virus. So, please execute this command on your brain/website/docs:


Thanks! @vcstarterkit@twitter.com

P.s. yes ofc we are working on an accelerator program. Stay tuned.

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Second, we're launching a series of digital salons, which are live broadcast discussions between interesting people with something to say, and a selected audience. We'll be iterating the model as we go. Check out the first one: palladiummag.com/2020/03/22/di

PSA: Paul Romer is now a covid tweeter, generally favoring masks and massively scaling testing. 👍

He's also bringing some quantitative rigor. In the piece below, he runs simulations to show that even a bad test, like temperature, is far better than nothing.
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For all those against temperature checks because they will miss many cases (ie have too many false negatives), star economi…

Uh...sorry but I literally have to put recurring "shower" tasks in my Asana. And my business product is (luckily) still needed in the COVID world.

But, hey, keep on dissing the ppl who saw this early & are working to keep the economy alive. What could go wrong?
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maintain that most tech ppl took note of corona early bc of obsessive paranoia about their own bodily health & the health of their busin…

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I'm scared of my parents getting sick, my country going bankrupt, and of the growing emotional trauma to my entire species.

But hot damn am I going to get my schedule, routines, and processes dialed in during lockdown, and catch up on self-improvement debt! Thread 👇

My two biggest worries about COVID are the economic impact & the psychological trauma.

Unlike mortality, both will affect almost everyone. And both are most dangerous for the vulnerable and at risk.

Far worse than 9/11. Only silver lining is humanity-wide bonding effect.
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Germany finance minister found dead, apparently committed suicide over COVID 19 fear a.msn.com/01/en-in/BB1…

There is no "mea culpa" from @voxdotcom@twitter.com, because this is a Culture War battle. Admitting wrongness would be surrender, obviously a stupid and unacceptable thing to do in a war.

Ironic given Blue Tribe brands itself as the Science Tribe, & real science demands profound humility.
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why can't vox just say "relyi@voxdotcom@twitter.comrts we downplayed the coronavirus a few months a…

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