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Charter Cities are a great topic for Independence Day. If American founders were alive today they’d be part of this movement to revolutionize government!


@balajis inspired me to write and @theSamParr to get it out - please feel free to share broadly.

Excited for the 100 great speakers at the 8th Friedman Fest! Bummed to not make our first trip to Australia for the event, but I love how the organizers made it a 24 hours internet liberty marathon! I’m speaking at 17:00 PST tomorrow: alsfc.com.au/speakers

"@OceanBuilders has cracked the code and figured out how to make seasteads affordable and practical to live on the ocean.

We are making our technology open-source so that anyone that wants to take what we have developed and take it a step further can do so freely."
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Seasteads: Self-Isolation For The Ultra Wealthy j.mp/38mc0Vl

Writing too slowly wastes your time, while writing too quickly wastes your ideas.

Thus it can be said: "Dolts write, geniuses scrawl, and madmen scribble."

Visible success is always a lagging indicator of invisible effort.

To control something is to manipulate it to achieve your utility function.

To love someone is to control yourself to achieve their utility function.

A stranger is just a friend I haven't met yet.

There are no enemies, just other conscious beings whose utility functions we haven't yet fully aligned.

My tribe are the ungrifters - those who enter traditional grifting fields to parasitize their resource streams to go work on actual solutions. Say, life extension.

And hey, if the moonshot fails, you can always just pivot to grifting... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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Grifts are undertheorized, and too often conflated with long cons, scams, frauds and other more blatant soft crimes. Lemme offer a definition.

A grift is a scheme that profits from the e…

Instead of doomscrolling Twitter while we drink our morning coffee, what if we click , sort by "Latest", and like every tweet? C'mon it's fun...

"Historically, major parties have ensured that alt efforts were doomed. But in 2020 they've delivered broadly distrusted candidates who show no capacity to rise above partisan politics"

It won't work, but I'm proud someone's actually trying. articlesofunity.com?ref=209749

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This week, @PronomosVC @Seasteading founder Patri Friedman @patrissimo joins the Charter Cities Podcast to talk about funding charter cities with venture capital, governance as a software stack, the evolution of the competitive governance space, and more.


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Let's make this nation a great nation
Every African American
Every White American
EVERY American
We're all American Citizens
We all need one another
If this nation is going to be saved
We all have come together
Love is the answer for hate
We have to forgive!..."

"America needs a proof of concept, something to illustrate how open markets and freedom are still the most powerful forces for human flourishing.

In short, America needs to help develop charter cities." - @MarkLutter in @amconmag

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"If Chinese $ can accel growth rates, they’ll win friends through the world..To counter China’s increasing presence on the world stage, America needs a positive vision of development. We must show that liberalism, the philosophy of the American experiment, is still relevant."

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"China’s model of authoritarian state capitalism believes human rights & economic development are mutually exclusive. America has done little to prove them wrong. The stories of progress made during the age of industrialization in the 19th and early 20th centuries are forgotten."
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.@MarkLutter in @amconmag: To Counter China’s Belt And Road Initiative, Build Cities.

"A smarter way to push back against both debt-based C…

This seems plausible to me, and I don't think it's just irrational pride for my ingroup. The @nytimes is vastly weaker than in the past, and SSCs readers include many of the biggest names in tech. The blowback could destroy much of the NYTs remaining brand equity.
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Wondering if the doxxing of Scott Alexander will be NYT’s Thiel is gay moment twitter.com/_oumuamua/status/1

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I miss the Law. I wonder what he's been up to? I'd vote for whoever could bring back Law again.

There are parts of the Law I do not like, but I've decided that I prefer it to a world without Law.


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Heads up to the @Seasteading institute, @patrissimo, Chad and @ThailandBitcoin: I've just gotten an article featuring you guys published in today's issue of @ctdl21:


"Fatefully, we are descended from those with better coalitional instincts. Power shifted from solitary alphas to the effectively coordinated down-alphabet, giving rise to a new, larger landscape of political threat and opportunity"
- John Tooby


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