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Great time chatting with @patrissimo

How do you hear the episode? Search “The Kelly Patrick Show” on any top podcasting app and search for episode 589.


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@AmoneyResists JFC! Really, couldn’t they have come up with something a little more imaginative?

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Today there are 195 countries in the world. But soon there will be thousands!

Why? Because you and I will be able to create our own countries!

Let me tell you how...

Thank you @balajis for your help in making this video

So exciting to be returning to @TheAtlasSociety Annual Gala. I continue to be so impressed with the work they do — using social media to spread values of liberty, independence, and self-determination. If you're there, give me a holler. atlassociety.org

Fuck jail - we need to bring back banishment. It’s so much more humane!

Kicking someone out of your society makes sense, but locking them up so they can’t go make a life elsewhere seems pretty evil.

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Pronomos partners @patrissimo and @bradfordcross are in Miami getting updates from @Prosperahn, @talentcitylagos, @kiftlife, @PraxisSociety and our other favorite Sovereign Community projects.

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Read the transcript, featuring:

🚀SEZ 2.0s
🚀 How to Start a New Country
🚀What @PronomosVC is looking for in startup city founders
🚀Why @patrissimo sees himself as a consumer not a producer of governance services.
🚀What's coming next.


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“I want to start fully sovereign, venture-backed, private city-states. That is my long-term mission.”

A hopeful vision from @PronomosVC founder @patrissimo

Learn more about the next evolution of @Seasteading and :


The internet is the global silk road. (The trading route, not the website. Well, ok, the website too)

How the fuck did @urbit become cool? I….I really don’t understand. I’m not complaining, I’m just boggled.

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It'd been 12+ years since I last interviewed @patrissimo on startup countries at sea – i.e., @Seasteading.

His vision of competitive gov't is rapidly maturing into a growth industry – both for VCs like @PronomosVC and sovereigns alike.

Hear what's new:

Advice I wish I'd had & followed throughout my life:

"When all else fails; disaster looms; and all hope is almost lost...
Maybe then just try doing the normal, obvious thing?"

An introduction to @afropolitan, a network state for the African Diaspora, which lately has been inspired by @balajis. I look forward to watching their progress!


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I'll be live at 1:05pm PT with @patrissimo discussing the cities & countries of the future, & how his new VC firm @PronomosVC fits into the broader "competitive governance" universe – which includes @Seasteading and charter cities, but is bigger than that. twitter.com/i/broadcasts/1eaKb

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From Cuba to the rest of the world:

You are a communist because you read it, I am an anti-communist because I lived it.


I'm super excited to join this event in Prague, bringing my 17 yo son Tovar who loves European history, to hang out with fellow leaders in the free cities movement!

If you're in the region consider joining, and DM me to meet up.
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@LibertyIOL @patrissimo @KatieTheRussian @MassimoMazzone4 @jessicahodlr @RealDougCasey @knutsvanholm Our conference theme is "Parallel Structures for Progress".☝️

We will make the …

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This Alex Karp & Stanley Druckenmiller tour de force is a must-watch.

Two brilliant minds discuss the West's "declining legitimacy" & forecast tumultuous times, but also how @PalantirTech is designed to counter disunity & chaos.

Many notable moments.


Our Cities Have an API Problem. Startups Can Fix It. future.com/cities-broken-api/

Great piece by @zachcaceres applying software thinking to the built environment

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“It could even materialize a ‘network state’ of the minds, not the lands.”

— CFTC Commissioner @CarolineDPham

From her recent keynote address in Prague: cftc.gov/PressRoom/SpeechesTes

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