Civil rights laws are going to be used to cancel the unvaccinated, just as those laws were used to cancel racists.


Ordinary employees who fully believe the news will start claiming that, "working with the unvacinated makes this company a hostile work environment."

Employers cannot fire someone for making that claim; they would be severelly fined by the Federal government. Instead, they will go the easy route and just fire the unvaccinated individual.

Not only is this legal, it is mandated by Federal laws that have been on the books since the 60s. Moreover, The Supreme Court has enshrined those laws a completely constitution.

Since those laws are never going away, the best solution for the unvaccinated is to cancel themselves.

Stop working for corporations/governments entirely, because those are the most likely to fire you for being unvaccinated. Working for small businesses which are not incorporated is the next best option.
The best option is to become self-employed.

Either way, get two or more sources of income going.

@orthzar and this is essentially what I mean with intentional community. Prefer to interact with the community, openly ostracize those who don't share your values. Geographically concentrate instead of using twitter to forget your isolation
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