The corporate ladder only leads down a hole. When the ladder is taken away from you, you will have to climb out of that hole on your hands and knees.

Some never make it out of that hole.

Every major company is a Big Data company, because data cannot be taxed. Local governments can't levy inventory taxes on data. State/national governments can't tax the sale of data.

Well, that's the way US tax lawas are, anyways. If that changes, companies will simply setup datacenters in other countries and send the data there.

This is what most people will *actually* do after the bubble pops:
(1) Lose your job;
(2) Try (and fail) to sell your house (there's no buyers, because everyone is trying to sell);
(3) Sell all your possessions to pay bills;
(4) Run out of cash;
(5) Stop paying bills;
(6) Get kicked out of your house;
(7a) Wind up sleeping in your car (if you have one);
(7b) Or move into your parents house (if they still have one).

Bonus points if your governor orders another lockdown.

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What you can do *before* the bubble pops:
(1) buy an inexpensive trailer and fix it up on the weekends;
(2) buy an inexpensive plot of land outside of town (e.g. 1-5 acres);
(3) Place trailer on plot of land (maybe on a cement pad, under a corrugated metal roof);
(4) Sell your over-priced house and pay off your mortgage.

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I keep telling people that the bubble is going to pop, but nobody listens. They could be asking, "what should I do?" But they don't, because they believe the government's lie that "it's different this time."

I try to tell people to sell their home *before* the bubble pops. Your $400k house next to a ghetto won't sell for $100k *after* the bubble pops. Worse, with no job, you won't be able to make your mortgage payments and you'll get kicked out of your house.

The goalposts on lockdowns will continue to be moved until morale improves.

Don't bet that the construction workers in Melbourne are going to accomplish anything beyond their own concerns.

They didn't go on strike until COVID policies started affecting them. When the COVID policies no longer affect them, they'll stop striking/protesting/rioting.

YouTube wanted to put ads on this, so I'm posting it here instead.

Put headphones on for full audio effect.

Dash is a scam.

It's not a pump-and-dump, because that doesn't work much anymore.
Dash's scheme is far more profitable, because it is a long con, like Ethereum.

"rock bottom" implies the existence of "rock top"

A timestamp, but it's just the latest Bitcoin block height.

If the 2020 election was stolen and Trump is still the real president, then Trump cannot run again in 2024.

Since next to no politicians actually oppose COVID tyranny, the only way to vote against more COVID tyranny is to not vote.

Man With Complex Ideas Lacks Proper Vocabulary, Resorts To Primate Yodeling Instead

Here's two possible ways to respond if someone is pressuring/guilting you into getting the COVID vax:
1) "Growing up, everyone told me to resist peer pressure. Now, all my peers are pressuring me to get the vaccine. Why should I give into peer pressure on this issue and not marijuana or cocaine? Because the government says drugs are bad but this vaccine is good?"

2) "How would you feel if I had a serious reaction to the vaccine after you guilted me into getting it?"

On a separate level, most claims of hospitals having insufficient capacity were lies created by politicians and journalists.

When asked, hospital administrators routinely say that they have had no problems with capacity.

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Politicians have spent the last year and a half complaining that hospitals have insufficient capacity for a pandemic.

This is ironic, because it's politicians who write all the laws as to what hospitals may or may not do. Hospitals are among the most heavily regulated industries in the world.

Politicians have spent the last year and a half admitting that their regulations have either failed to properly prepare hospitals for a pandemic; OR their regulations have caused the capacity problems.

Without Trump's Operation Warpspeed, there would be no vaccines for Biden to mandate.

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