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A thread of music in triple time that I've been working on.

First, a conversion of Yes's Close ot the Edge to triple time. This is just the first half (the original is ~18:30).

can we grow our own primary explosive? how hard could it be?


[ten months later]
👩‍🔬 👨‍🔬 we invented an algae that makes C4 from ocean water... and it somehow got out and is turning the surface of the oceans into one big explosive


first-time caller, long-time listener
long-time caller, first-time listener
first-time caller, last-time listener

offscreen seasaws are one of the best SMM2 trolls

>"enable javascript to use this website properly"
>enable javascript and reload the page
>takes 10x longer to load the page

every time

>put document in flatbed scanner
>scan at max dpi
holy shit that's a lot of resolution
I can see the dust on the paper

offensive CSS

for when you really don't want someone to see/use your website

>it's really hot out
>get in car
>almost burn myself wherever skin touches anything

Now I know why militaries make their soldiers wear longsleeve shirts and pants in desert climates.

imagine unironically filling out paperwork

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