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A while ago, I gave up trying to argue with people. Most of the time people only repeat talking points that were old in 2000. The rest of the time, they're just in a bad mood.

Gentoo users will literally recompile Firefox 25 times just so they can complain about crypto-miners on Hacker News.

Step 1: Get a bunch of people to show up to a protest
Step 2: ???
Step 3: Profit

Dislaimer: I am the famous American sports athlete.

It's the ultimate decentralized data storage protocol.

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That Analog Hole is my backup plan.

You can't prove it doesn't work.

Photons might not cast shadows, but your mom sure does.

Buy products from out website, we provide Lightning-Fast Shitting™️

digital is actually pronounced dih-jitle with an emphasis on the last syllable.

Some Japanese metal/hard-rock/prog-rock (from 2000):

I really enjoy the singing on this track. The texture of Wajima's voice starts clean and eventually becomes gritty.

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