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EU needs to be abolished. They are constantly undermining democracy and trying to push technofascism.

Statists be like: no there is no way to cheat in an election not even a chance that someone counts one ballot wrong by accident...

"you guys are dum. Fediverse is bait. Its in the name see. FED. thats right, now look at their logo. See how its rainbow colored? Thats right its gay. Now check out their shape. Its a pentagon."

Twitter user joining gttr. FFS.

CS:GO be like: terrorists win
Real life be like: globalist win

Biden promised to decriminalize marijuana and expunge records.

He hasn't done it.

One of the ministers has admitted that more people are dying but the real question is how will they spin this? New covid variant? I doubt they will talk about the side effects of the vaccine...

Where are the free speech absolutist in Finland? Someone from the finns party suggested that we ban Z letter during russia's victory day because russia minded people decided to organize protest that day.

The justice system has declared that quarantines in one municipality were illegal, of course you don't see this on mainstream media anywhere.

Remember when digital ID was supposed to be a conspiracy theory?
EU is launching it on july...

Zelensky *bans the opposition parties*
russian bots: "ban them all!"

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