ALERT 🚨 China has opened police stations in US and Canada to monitor Chinese citizens: Report — NY Post

China is planning for the uprising & the west wants the dragons agents in the country when the economy collapses!

Went to a hockey match in a long time. Was worth it since pelicans won by 3-0.

The only way the medieval period in Europe can be called "dark age" is because modern people are totally ignorant of anything that happened from the Fall of Rome to the Rennaissance.

Ironically, in an age when most of humanity is literate, nobody actually reads about one of the most important periods in human history.

More than half of the MPs were absent when the parliament decided of mandatory work laws for nurses. Even the nationalist finns party and christian democrats had only half of their MPs voting on the subject.
This means that nurses are not allowed to go on strike and even some cases the police might force them to work.

The Casio Smartwatch You Never Had - In a way, you have to feel a bit sorry for the engineers at Casio. They can produc... - #wearablehacks #clockhacks #smartwatch #casiof91w #casio #f91w

Another day and another crazy law proposal: online shaming is to be criminalized with one year jail time or fines.
I hope this won't pass.

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