@nosat Don't forget about white supremacy. That leads to the most heart attacks.

Global warming -> ^ heart attack
Cold winter -> ^ heart attack


If this is how they’re handling it, everything causes heart issues. Then what did they do before when they pushed everything causes cancer

Eggs and bacon is perfectly healthy. Just don't eat carbs with it unless you're going to work out immediately.
Then why do "perfectly healthy" people drop days after their boosters? Same with miscarriages.

@nosat jesus christ (not to vain his name but when I read such collages....)

And what about me and the odd Million unvaxxed from Switzerland? They can't ignore this control group forever! Some day they notice.

Can't believe they threw DUDE WEED LMAO under the bus. lel

@nosat That tobacco warning has been there for at least 20 years, its two different warnings, they didn't "change it". Argument --> invalid.

@SirMathieu Nitpicking irrelevant factoids while the world has been deceived and injected with poison, thank you hero...

@nosat "irrelevant factoids" pretty much sums up those "collages"

@SirMathieu For sure, mainstream media trash articles are completely irrelevant.

@SirMathieu @nosat @runfox I’d like to see examples, though. The climate change and cannabis articles are recent, even if the claims aren’t. But, that label for tobacco is pretty specific to exactly what people are freaking out about with the vaccine. So, unless we see an older picture or some other way to debunk the proposed chronology, it’s your word against a side-by-side photo collage. Thanks for making us aware it’s even a possibility, though!

@Calvin @nosat @runfox I've been a smoker for 16 years, i've seen this warning for 16 years, its good enough for me to put this puppy to bed.

@SirMathieu @Calvin @nosat sarcasm doesn't carry through text, i find it utterly ridiculous that they are blaming vaccine injuries and deaths on cannabis ( benign substance that nobody has ever died from) and climate change (a rebranding of the now discredited pseudoscientific global warming theory).

@runfox @Calvin @nosat What i see is a mish mash of random articles, some with no date, source or too low resolution to trace back, and people just lap it all up to confirm their beliefs. This is facebook level credibility. Fun. And i'm willing to bet the tobacco pack is probably photoshopped, once again, no source, no brand, no dates, nothing.


Would you look at that!

@nosat I don't know about you but I always heard about people dying from heart attacks from cannabis and climate change before the scamdemic

@runfox You might be right, I saw an article about it recently 😉

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