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worries used to fund domestic , insurrection

...but not worried about destruction of the nation's that negatively affects every single person.. these morons are unbelievable...

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Nigeria's central tells the country's financial institutions to close accounts tied to exchanges

Good way to keep your nation in the stone age...

I hope those that were duped by the Hoax can check their ego and stop acting like psychos now that the fraud is obvious.

The of

Learn about the experimental being rushed to market before extensive testing can be completed.


We need this guy on a debate stage live with ASAP!

This fraud has gone on too long.

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Dr Andrew Kaufman - Trafalgar Square Protest London September

"There is no human to human spread that has EVER been proven in an experiment"

The world is waking up and scientifically destroying the dirty myths keeping the population in fear.

Misuse of PCR Tests - Crime Against Humanity

Looks like we might see some massive class action lawsuits coming against the perps. of this giant hoax.

Those Bastards Changed The Definition of " " to Perpetrate ans Swine

Please wake up to this giant fraud or our lives will be hell. Do not be cowards!

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