CDC’s own statistics list 11,405 deaths, 11,221 permanent disabilities, over 60,000 hospitalizations, and 10,233 life threatening injuries following the COVID-19 injections.

No doubt this is only a fraction of what is happening and not reported.

80 fully vaccinated Mass. residents have died from COVID-19

Or they died from the poison they were injected with...

This of course will be blamed on healthy people who refused the deadly injections.

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The New VAERS Numbers Are Out Today:

463,456 Adverse Events
30,781 Hospitalizations
9,274 Disabled
3,906 Heart Attacks
2,466 Myocarditis Reactions
1,073 Miscarriages
10,991 Deaths

100% safe and effective.

MORE: #DotardVax #DotardNews

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@LaylaAlexandrovna @seven @nosat @samuraikid

It's bootlicking dweebs like seven that makes me hate my job(s). Fucking morons so easy to manipulate it only requires a few well-known propaganda techniques. People too stupid to know how stupid they are, too stupid to even recognize the ego-fondling, fear-mongering techniques being used to turn them into snivelling cowards. It is this horde of human stupidity that allows totalitarianism to thrive.

Though only partially your fault, you've been pushed into a Cluster-C anxiety disorder. It makes you even stupider, and like all cult members, easily manipulated by yet another mentally ill class of people that belong to Cluster-B anti-social personality disorders. A sad fucking combination for the rest of us sane people. The mentally ill leading the mentally ill.

People in statistical learning know (quite early) that doctors are fucking stupid. Yup. Stupid. We live in a class-based society that does not actually make sure our doctors are smart -- they are power-hungry, status-consciousness, status-seeking idiots. The drug companies own them. I would never bow to a biologist or doctor, certainly not a drug company.

"Time to assume that health research is fraudulent"

"Low statistical power in biomedical science"

"Physicians neglect base rates, and it matters"
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Once you subtract the death certificate fraud the will have killed more people than

Countries with Mandatory Experimental Injections

Yes, they will use violence to inject you with a substance against your will due to the sniffles, this is the new

Whistleblower: 45,000 Deaths are Reported to VAERS – All Within 3 Days of COVID-19 Shots

As usual the mass murders carried out by the loving government are ridiculed, denied and covered up. Until later on when the numbers come out in their own documents and show 10x what anyone even thought and of course no one gets prosecuted.

This world is run by devils.

Unite Around Freedom, Use

The parasites controlling this world are terrified of . The madness we are seeing is their response to the growing adoption of a system without them.

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