Imagine getting the poison shot like a good slave and then seeing this.

Roughly half of NIH employees have chosen not to get vaccine…

The is Suppressing Data on and Injuries following Bioweapon Shots

This is obvious to anyone with a working brain. Major conflict of interest. I would safely estimate CDC numbers are off by 200x

Free Advice: Do not get experimental injections. 🤦‍♂️

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>>What #Covid really is.

>>What you will find no other place on the planet.

Flu Fighters Review & The Complete anti-covid protocol by The Wise ET:

>>Check-out this book, it confirms all that I have been presenting to you all along - we can stop what this book & everyone is falsely calling "covid" across the planet. We have a 100% effective #naturopathic remedy all can use without the need for any dumb #Trump - #Biden - medical mafia pharmaceutical products & without their #vaccines which they are heavily invested in & are trying to dump on humanity in a criminal fashion & for profit!

1. The book confirms how #zinc ionophores such as #Elderberry stop the viral "covid" #mycoplasma bio-weapon replication. (I have provided you all with a more complete list of products in my posts).

2. The book confirms how the list of #vitamins I have been giving you in my #naturopathic protocol (an extension of the Dr. #Zelenko protocol) stop "covid":

#Flu Fighters:

"“This book should be in the hands of every ICU team fighting #COVID-19 and other infections. Informative, well-written, and research-backed. It shows you how to take charge of your own immunity in the midst of this deadly world-wide pandemic.” Dr Cass, MD, Los Angeles USA"


>>"Why do some people get really sick, even die from #flu, while others don’t? Colds and flu, including COVID-19, are #viral diseases that a healthy immune system should be able to fight off with natural #immunity. But what is a healthy immune system and how can you promote your own immune power with diet and nutrients?"

This book explains:

What the book will teach you and will not teach you:

>>How <so called> viruses <viral #mycoplasmas> work and where are their weaknesses.

About #VITAMIN C - which is on the list I have been giving you.

>>Why animals that make vitamin C rarely succumb to flu or colds.

>>The truth about vitamin C and how to use it when you’re infected.

>> #Elderberry - one of the #zinc #ionophores I have listed in the #naturopathic protocol I have been giving you all.

How black elderberry blocks viral replication.

>>Vitamin D - one of the vitamins I have been giving you in the naturopathic anti-#covid protocol I have shared with you all.

Why vitamin D levels crash in winter to make us more susceptible.

>>ZINC - The book will teach you how zinc stops these #covid diseases. What this book and others will not explain properly - how it must be taken with a zinc ionophore to stop the viral replication of the #weaponized #mycoplasma that causes "Covid-19", stopping it at the intra-cellular level, stage I of the infection, preventing it from going to stage II - the stage of the larger bacteria or Stage III - the stage of the viral parasites.

>>The book will be missing much of the #pleomorphic science background & research I have been sharing with you all regarding how this so called "covid" is a pleomorphic disease and how the modern Rothschild #Pasteur #monomorphic science is not able to thus explain it, but falsely claims it is a "corona-virus". This book makes this same error.

>>The book will not teach you about other natural products like #Quercetin, #matcha green tea and how these act as zinc #ionophores & thus work in a #synergetic fashion with zinc to halt the intra-cellular viral reproduction of this #weaponzed #mycoplasma.

>>This book will not teach you about #HCQ and how it neutralizes the internal acidic state of the cell, thus halting the viral reproduction of the #mycoplasma which thrives on this acidic state. It will not teach you how #HCQ is a #zinc #ionophore and also halts the third stage of the disease, the parasitic stage.. It will not teach you how to combine this with #azithromycin or the Dr. #Zelenko from NY covid #protocol.

>>The book will not teach you how #Ivermectin is also a #zinc #ionophore and how it also neutralizes the third stage of the disease, the parasite stage. It will not teach you how to combine it with #Doxycycline or other potent #tetracyclines to halt the second phase of this covid mycoplasma #pleomorphic disease - the phase of the larger bacteria.

>>The book will not teach you also about the second special protocol made for those who by chance get the #covid fake #vaccine, to help stop the viral replication of the #mycoplasmas which you acquire when taking the vaccine, which then infects you with the #plasmids, the mycoplasmas (and the science behind all of this which I have been explaining to you) and other contaminants and how you will develop #covid in the right terrain conditions. It will not list to you what those are nor the many dozens of damaging contents in the #vaccines and the long term damage they do.

>>The book will teach you about other critical immune support nutrients from #selenium to #zinc.

>>The book explains how intravenous #vitamin C saves lives in those with respiratory distress.

>>You’ll also discover how to restore and maintain a healthy #immune system when not infected, complete with #recipes for foods and drinks, and what to eat, drink and supplement when you are under attack to shorten duration and severity of colds and flu.

>>The book will not teach you many things I have been researching & explaining to you all, such as the #truth about the masks, the nose #swab tests, the vaccines...the government "covid" measures and how all of these are spreading the #disease.

>>The book will not teach you about the dangers of #5G and how it helps create the terrain conditions for #covid.

>>The book will not teach you how the vaccines, the #masks and the nose #swab tests are generating the prion or #Morgellons mad cow disease in the population. (Live Morgellons fibers in the masks and the nose swab tests, observed via microscope!)

>>The book will not teach you about the pre-planned #SPARS epidemics being pre-planned by The Global #Covid Crime Syndicate. (See all of my previous posts on this and the other items missing here in this book).


>>These items listed above are only a FEW of the things this book will not teach you and which only I have been able to fully explain.

>>For full access to my publications research, we are taking #Bitcoin donations. Once we reach at least ONE BITCOIN in value, this will help to fund this research I am dong and then I will be able to publish a more complete book (in PDF format to start) with all of this information to share with those of you who are willing to support me & help fund this complete research, the complete explanations you will find no other place on the planet.


""Patrick Holford is co-author of Boost Your Immune System, with immunologist Jennifer Meek, and was a student of the late Dr Linus Pauling, the only person ever to receive two un-shared Nobel Prizes, and author of Vitamin C and the Common Cold, published in 1970. Patrick Holford is founder of the Institute for Optimum Nutrition, of which Dr Linus Pauling was the patron.""

Customer Reviews

Essential reading

""This book should be available to everyone involved with #healthcare. It should be standard reading for all medical professionals in training and in practice. Clear, concise and evidence based. Preventing #illness is far better than finding #cures. A quick read that will shift your understanding forever.""
Review by Andrew
Posted on 03/05/2020

Thank you for reading.

The Wise ET.

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researchers 'infiltrated' a skeptics and found that skeptics place a high premium on data analysis and empiricism.

Of course, no one is saying is a fraud for fun. The , data, and logic points in that direction.

workers are suffering "full body convulsions" from

These people were threatened, coerced, and cheated into taking these poison injections.

Stop bowing to the demons running this fraud system!

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I never thought it would happen... but I finally got a #Tesla.

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Lessons for @elonmusk:

-Do you know what wastes energy? War.

-Do you know what funds war? Inflation.

#Bitcoin fixes wastefulness by making war unaffordable.

Remember to get your shots, the government and mega corporations love you...

Board struggles to while she orders kids to wear

How did we let these psycho freaks take over our world?

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