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Australian Truckers Warn Citizens to Stock Up on Food as They Prepare to Take Over the Country

Standing against the criminal mafia that has taken over and most other parts of the

The CDC’s director, Dr. Walenksy, is now openly admitting that vaccines increase the risk of sickness.

Make sure to get the 3rd jab 👍

Pfizer Does Not Mandate Vaccines for Employees

Looks like they would rather not have to replace 80% of their work force in the next 3 years. Smart move.

Pro-Vaxxer Bulldog Tried to Muzzle Herself in a False Flag Hate Crime!

These psychos will go to any length to push their poison. Of course no charges will be filed against this hoaxer, imagine some anti-vax hero pulled something like this, they would be facing 25yrs in prison.

It is always the university indoctrinated morons that fall for anything while thinking themselves to be highly educated 🤦

Don't agree with the state? You are a terrorist! 🤣 The US has truly become an communist clown show.

They are lumping in common sense freedom minded people who oppose tyranny with Trump fanatics.

Trump is a puppet like all the other "presidents", an agent of chaos.

Beware of dusting attacks when using surveillance coins like

is the solution to this and a whole host of other issues associate with open public ledgers

After the AKA experimentation via deception, the black population is a bit skeptical of the "we are here to help you"

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