This man believes so much in his bullet proof jacket product that he shoots himself!

Doesn't look like Trump plans to restore the Bill of Rights.

Women in Libertarianism! Karese Laguerre. New Jersey Libertarian and former candidate for New Jersey Lt. Governor.

Tucker Carlson and Piers Morgan tackle transgender athletes. In this case its a girl transitioning to a boy and taking male hormones but who still wants to wrestle girls. But if he is really a boy because chromosomes don't matter then why isn't he wrestling boys? And isn't taking hormones banned from athletics anyway? Also lesbian tennis great Martina Navratilova is being attacked by the LGBT community for saying bio men shouldn't compete with bio women.

I'm new here. I am an African American libertarian. I voted for Ron Paul twice and Rand once. I chose the name "neitherplantation" to differentiate myself from blacks who from the democratic plantation only to join the republican plantation. I don't trust either party. I look forward to meeting new friends here and learning what Mastodon is all about. I have a Twitter account as well but I don't like or trust Twitter.


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