What a shame that most sheep - -even most types and truthers are buying the communist / luciferian / MIC line about this

THE ONLY THING REAL ABOUT THE CORONA VIRUS is the very real fact that it is a HOAX ...

It also reveals that VERY few people have eyes to see that truth...even so called were fooled with this one

One of the more mentally and spiritually embarrassed groups in this? -the

Another amongst the thoroughly embarrassed? -the (though in fairness they always embarrass themselves)

Today I encourage everyone to follow both youtubers: russianvids
and richiefromboston
these guys are doing the BEST work on the follow if you value TRUTH


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I guess one good thing that is coming from this hoax is that the info is getting out that viruses are not spread from person to person but are created by the body itself as a reaction to toxins...

The TRUTH about FEAR

While much of the western 1st world programmed lemmings comply with the life in goes on lately as usual. Who joining me down here? Get out of dodge while you can!


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Where did all the experts go that “knew” we would have 100,000 dead by now, on our way to 1.5 million?

They’re deleting their tweets. That’s what they’re doing.

Let’s never let them forget.

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Yes, you are so right, in Italy only 3 people died under 40 years.. all other dead people are around 75 to 85 years old and had other illnesses already... So as these tests are not really Covid 19 specific, the y just find some flu sympthoms and say, they have corona... totally stupid...The more they test now, surely they will find more light invected from other virusses... One test costs aroun 100 to 150 US$, so the pharma mafia makes a lot of money from it....and maybe they want to introduce a new currency in the long run, when they have run down all the finance markets...
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@nachodon@liberdon.com I am holding some BCH, maybe will increase a bit, thanks for the info
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Yes, Sinclair. Have seen this clip...is that a TV news Network in the US ?

I fled to with my wife to avoid the medical Marshall law on the follow my journey of a (so far) free life in Mexico on ! bittube.video/videos/watch/960

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@nachodon I think someone is collecting stats, so that can be checked. Not that I care--bigger is not in itself better.

AFAIK, liberdon isn't particularly blocked; our people tend to be a lot more civil than those on gab. :) But I'm sure there are blocks, as for ideological reasons.

as a new user it seems that the instance is by FAR the most active and most members? Am I wrong?

Is the instance blocked by many other instances like the gab instance?

Who is waking up to the fact that the US gubbermint is controlled by central banks and working with ALL major governments of this world to pull off this ?

It's not their fault that the system is imploding - it's the pandemic... What's next?

Will it be:

1. Marshall law / curfews
2. New world digital currency
3. More QE and handouts (kick the can down the road a bit more)

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I agree. I'm all in for private countries with their own Oath of Fealty. (h/t the book) I'd probably choose to live inside the Great American Prairie. I think they would have me. I'd buy a membership in the community. A share, if you will. But only in a community of my own choosing. *<twinkles>* @nachodon

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