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Even without being on Twitter myself, I get exposed to this kind of thing, e.g.:

- A podcaster who says: "Twitter is terrible! Follow me on Twitter at..."
- A news article criticizing Twitter and then concluding with a Twitter share button and Twitter handle
- IndieWeb enthusiasts mirroring their Twitter likes and retweets to their blog, thereby revealing just how much time they spend on Twitter

I could go on

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Capitalist: "I'd like to liquidate €300,000 worth of shares, and simultaneously enter into a contract for difference to recreate the overall market exposure of the shares being sold, so I can create a loss that will offset the capital gain on my tax return as if nothing happened"

Also capitalist: "damn system is stacked against us, taxation is theft!"

Poor people: *literally have their money taken away from them in taxes BEFORE they even receive their payslip*

and f.y.i. stikes and labor organizing are legit market activity

Right-wing libertarians: "I have no idea why workers would protest during their contractually-assigned work hours just because they don't like management decisions" hmmm

Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake. - Napoleon Bonaparte #famous #quotes

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