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ywn escape the alt-left sanctuary state and hunt, fish, and shoot battle rifles with your Alaskan tradwife

I'm so sore from weightlifting I barely feel hapkido. We'll see how I feel tomorrow

I have no idea what anyone on my feed is talking about at the moment. Maybe I'll go to the 'global' tag and check out the animu posters

I know when you say you like him, it triggers the libs, but Orange Man really is bad

Yang 2020: Libertarians are too hung up on people receiving "undeserved" income and other inaccuracies about his proposals to form a proper refutation. It's entirely sound but it's authoritarian techno-communism AND hyper-capitalism (the line is really blurred at that point) and it's not the world that I want to see.

"I'm bored, let's browse the global fediverse"

>unironic QAnon posts in 2019

To understand how agorists organize, we must look at two forms of markets. I (personally) call these spider markets and ant markets.

The spider market is the statist market. It is comprised of one or more massive, all-controlling organization, which is connected to a several slightly smaller powerful organizations, and so on. The hierarchy in this market is not really voluntary, as right-libertarians claim, due to the lack of all choices that would be present without the state. People generally do not like being bossed around.

An ant market is a stateless market. Ants, contrary to popular thought, operate not in a distinctly democratic fashion as syndicalists and communists promote, or monarchist, as many think they do, but quite independently and without hierarchy. Each operator in an ant market is self-sufficient, yet fully connected to all available choices, free or otherwise, and able to organize as they please.

#agorism #p2p #markets #organization #classtheory

Now is the time for lovers of liberty to stand against the forces of hate, bigotry, and fascist violence in defense of vulnerable populations. It is the principled thing to do. Don't be afraid of being labeled a "leftist" prevent you from showing some humanity

Money doesn’t drive corruption, scarcity does. Eliminating money in anything or altogether doesn’t change scarcity but makes it worse along with corruption. Want to reduce corruption you need markets that allow for broad prosperity to reduce the incentive.

The radical left seems to have a similar problem with electoralism and who is in fact seeking the nomination.

I went to sleep worrying that the right libs and an-caps were ALREADY confirming they're ready to vote tr*mp in 2020, and wake up to a toot saying just that.

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