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The message allows everyone to have more possibility. By removing barriers to empower oneself, encouraging others to empower themselves and fostering the culture of individual peace for us all to flourish.

Amazing that there is at least a small contingent of politicians that have decided not to dogpile on Ilhan Omar when she speaks the truth.

Retweet this if you agree with any of the following: Less Taxes, Less Regulation, End Prohibition, Free Market Money, Free Trade, Free Association, Freedom of Contract, Non-interventionist foreign policy.

You can monetize all the debt in the world and say deficits and debt don’t matter but the capital that money buys is not homogenous or unlimited creating real changes in who succeeds or fails, whose dreams are fulfilled or deferred, and how sustainable our growth is.

Friendly reminder people are being taxed into poverty, jailed for non-violent voluntary exchanges, seeing their incomes and savings eroded along with the destruction of the economic environment that will provide their children opportunity. Fight that, not each other.

The primary criticism of the term 'voluntarism' lies in the myopia of some people that see totally voluntary interactions occuring regularly. I find that there is more of a voluntary-coercive spectrum and most interactions lie in between. The gun in the room is not always plainly visible.

Black sharecroppers and third world rural people, for example, flock[ed] to urban centers out of sheer coercion. Monopolization of property and landlessness create a new slave caste on which industrialization is built. Sweatshop economy is anti-liberty

Two people that I distrust: those that disagree with Bernie Sanders when he states the problems, and those that agree with Sanders when he offers solutions.

AI and decentralized tech will replace attorneys and physicians long before plumbers

It's not about taxes, guns, or pot. It's about freeing the markets, comprehensively and sustainably liberating people in all aspects of their lives

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