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Don’t let the the discussion of the presidency distract you from the power you hold to change people’s lives. Whether your family, friends or community there is value you can create for those around you that requires no permission or patience to create.

Breaks my heart regarding the Smollet controversy that everyone is so quick to choose a side and paint their narrative. Regardless the outcome, it’s tragic. Whether hate is acted on or performed to create anger, it’s all tragic. We all lose when distrust is created.

I generally am very bothered seeing divisive and polarizing events because I want a society built on liberalism (free markets and minds). Rampant polarization makes people more eager to control/subjugate one another and overall harder to coexist peacefully.

Friendly Reminder... not condemning someone is not an endorsement. A left wing narrative being false doesn’t make the right wing narrative correct. I’m not hear to defeat any wing but to unite people in peaceful but sometimes contentious non-violent coexistence.

Government intervention often creates institutional rigidity causing some institutions to outlive their use to the point of becoming a cost to society and new ones forming much later than needed starving society of their value.

Free Markets aren’t pro-business. Most businesses would prefer barriers preventing competitors. Free Markets are about institutional mobility so institutions can rise and fall as society needs.

Just heard say, “We have a big statist party and a slightly less statist party.” I was left wondering which was which.

"Farmers will start firing workers!" So, that basically eliminates a major source of income to undoco workers. US trade labor is not going to care all that much.

"Farmers will hurt!" Nah, Monsanto is really the biggest loser tbh. FTT farmers already sell to high-price markets. This hits bulk exporters mainly.

I can't wait for all the progressive woke people who were in the streets marching against TPP to be out screaming that we need to join it.

I love that SteamOS allows for awesome games to run with Linux. Now if I can just get Cities: Skyline to run!

Just because Marxists seek to liberate workers, and we're still living through the Red Scare, doesn't mean that "an-caps" should devalue workers.

Funny how some emphasize that business executives are crucial to a business's success, yet Boeing's executives could never design or build a single plane.

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