TuskyUncensored, the version of Tusky that doesn't arbitrarily block domains, is now available on PlayStore

...and an apk on GitHub for those of you who hate PlayStore.

why are so many anime fans either really fashy or trans grils? did Japan plan this?

@judgedread That last part about Muslims seemed a bit forced. I presume that you are in the "Western" world. How familiar are you with muslim communities outside of those refugees and coerced migrants suffering from war and childhood traumas?

@judgedread You can reliably and logically make pro-labor/left wing arguments for immigration control and trade protectionism, which is why we see and continue to see those things becoming more restrictive. Maybe not quickly enough for your tastes.

And do you think that after everything that has happened to the "working man", boys that want to become anime girls are going to finally break the camel's back?

@judgedread Maybe because the numbers are with the people that fear falling too low on the authoritarians' hierarchy to not become "enemies"... I think auth-right movements are inherently self-limiting

*RED* ALERT -- Tankies on mastodon. Everything is fine in HK comrade, just imperialist propaganda ...

@judgedread Are you sure that's why radical right movements fail to attract numbers, friend?

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