@rchive Yea, I'm certainly generalizing. But mainly I mean in our current situation and not in a more libertarian one

and f.y.i. stikes and labor organizing are legit market activity

Right-wing libertarians: "I have no idea why workers would protest during their contractually-assigned work hours just because they don't like management decisions" hmmm

I feel as if I'm nowhere near ironic enough for this platform

Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake. - Napoleon Bonaparte #famous #quotes

ywn escape the alt-left sanctuary state and hunt, fish, and shoot battle rifles with your Alaskan tradwife

I'm so sore from weightlifting I barely feel hapkido. We'll see how I feel tomorrow

I have no idea what anyone on my feed is talking about at the moment. Maybe I'll go to the 'global' tag and check out the animu posters

I know when you say you like him, it triggers the libs, but Orange Man really is bad

Yang 2020: Libertarians are too hung up on people receiving "undeserved" income and other inaccuracies about his proposals to form a proper refutation. It's entirely sound but it's authoritarian techno-communism AND hyper-capitalism (the line is really blurred at that point) and it's not the world that I want to see.

"I'm bored, let's browse the global fediverse"

>unironic QAnon posts in 2019

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