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🎥@andrewklavan@twitter.com plays a clip of Democrat 2020 candidate Tulsi Gabbard battling the co-hosts of "The View" over her appearing on Fox News.

FULL VIDEO ==> youtube.com/watch?v=3t2OFnH_VE


@gjallarrhorn I'm more concerned with the large swath of her support which tends to come from the far-right fringe like ancaps, alt-rightists, and the likes of David Duke. Not her fault and she's honestly not bad for a liberal/statist. But she'd be better as a serious candidate and not just a tool to throw the dem contest into chaos

@mortified_penguin you’re concerned that support comes from those areas? Are you implying that her policy prescriptions ate wrong because the right supports her?

@gjallarrhorn She's still a democratic liberal so I wonder if it's all a sideshow. Like every person but one I've seen declare support for her is far more likely to actually vote for trump in 2020

@mortified_penguin I just like that she seems to have integrity and doesn’t toe the party line (on everything). I wouldn’t vote for her, but I wouldn’t vote for Trump either.

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