@mortified_penguin Can you define anti-colonialist? Or just colonialist?

@rchive Anti-colonialist would be principles opposing colonial domination of what used to be called "third world" countries and their people, including continuing vestiges of it like ongoing political coercion and economic exploitation

@mortified_penguin "Economic exploitation" is poorly defined in public consciousness, so I'm sure plenty of libertarians are fine with activities that someone would label as such. Political coercion sounds pretty anti-libertarian to me, though.

@rchive I don't think that economic exploitation of people is outside the scope of libertarianism. For example, when American fruit companies decided on indigenous people's property rights (none) that was pretty anti-liberty

@mortified_penguin Sure, I think most libertarians would say infringing on property rights for economic gain is "economic exploitation" and is wrong. I'm just saying some people would call other things that are totally fine "economic exploitation", like paying anyone less than $15 for doing any kind of work.

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