If it's true that much of the fediverse was coerced or pressured into blocking the gab instance (I'm murky on exactly how) then that is wrong. I was perfectly able to find the domain-muting function myself. Yes it was an unprecedented level of stupidity of here but it was obvious what to do about it and totally voluntary (pretty sure my client specifically allows all instances)

I'm not a fan of censorship but not having gab.com muted was making browsing mastodon unbearable

The first computer my child gets will come with a copy of AOE, just like my first computer when I was a kid

too late, I'm already seeing obvious r**sian troll accounts on masto global

If you boost white nats under the guise of "free speech" or "liberty", unfollow me, then delete your masto client

**Lawmakers urge U.S. to block sales of crowd-control gear to Hong Kong**

"A bipartisan group of U.S. lawmakers on Friday urged the Trump Administration to suspend future sales of munitions and crowd-control equipment to Hong Kong police which has been accused of using excessive force …"


#news #bot

None of the generic, Midwest white guy democrats are worth commenting on

copmala supporters are the reason communists say "liberals get the bullet"

uh oh ... I just posted something negative about t***i g***ard I hope the troll farms / disinfo agents don't bother with mastodon

Tulsi Gabbard, the favorite dem of everyone who's far to the right of the democrats ... what a joke

TuskyUncensored, the version of Tusky that doesn't arbitrarily block domains, is now available on PlayStore

...and an apk on GitHub for those of you who hate PlayStore.

why are so many anime fans either really fashy or trans grils? did Japan plan this?

*RED* ALERT -- Tankies on mastodon. Everything is fine in HK comrade, just imperialist propaganda ...

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