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hey quick question to the users is there a way to change the back ground on the web interface from city.png to something else
i was able to remove the image out right by changing the name in the html inspector
oh shit theres a kiwifarms pleroma instance now
welcome all kiwi users.

I dont know much about yall,
from what i think i know is that yall are very pro freedom if thats true im glad yall are here

high as fuck listening to john carpenter crying because its so good

@shpuld guess only fteqw and darkplaces user can see it then

welp i guess i cant put a 256x256 image in the gfx.wad

@oneway @TheMadPirate like its funny that the people who call plemora nazis are kinda in fighting
@oneway @p @TheMadPirate @moonman like these people a marxists and mostly want people dead that they don't like.
@terryenglish @oneway @1iceloops123 Is it me or Eugen has a really , really bloated image of himself ?. I mean, What's the size of his ego in micro-Dijkstras ?
> look, not all of us block early and block often like mastodon admins do. [...]

I know. My post wasn't a criticism of Pleroma or the Pleroma-part of the fediverse, it's my observation about the fediverse as a whole. Well, I guess it applies to the Mastodon part the most.

> users have freedom of choice. if they want a free for all where they have to make all moderation decisions themselves, they can join instances that work like that.

If you only care about the instance-local community, sure. But your experience of the fediverse also depends on the blocking behavior of other admins, like I explained on the case of And that can make the search for a suitable instance very annoying, because not only do you have to check how the instance you want to join is administrated, you also have to check if other instances are blocking or silencing it.

> this isn't an either/or thing. admins which provide spaces that defang the fediverse like I do, are not any more or less evil than the ones which run free speech instances.

I'm not against moderation, I just condemn the inflationary use of instance blocks. I may personally prefer instances with less blocking, but running moderated/safe communities is absolutely legitimate.

To make this clear, I'm not advocating for getting rid of blocks altogether, nor do I hate every single admin who uses them. Of course there are appropriate use cases for them.

All I wish is that users were in full control over the content that they may receive β€” not only by blocking, but also by unblocking. That's all.
If my idea were reality and if an admin wanted to foster a safe community, it would still be perfectly possible. A user coming in contact with undesired instances would only occur if they actively unblocked said instances, and it would only affect that one user.
@roka @Feuerfuchs people always saying mastodon is the first federated social network just pretending like irc doesnt exist
@baguette @terryenglish "getting your teeth kicked in" doesnt fall under speech, so that doesnt hinge on whether or not free speech rights exist

@baguette @opal Now you're conflating an actual act of violence with someones speech. That's a whole separate matter altogether.

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