i got briefly hyped when i looked at this i got sent this by someone on the quakemapping discord and noticed it was made for a Ludum Dare jam and i rembered one of ur games were made for a ld jam but then i realized that it was sutch a tiny connection and was over hypiing it in muh head

@misslav yeah many people use sfxr for ld jams since you can just generate sounds with a few clicks, saves a lot of times. too bad the sounds are always kinda shitty unless you're making a very retro looking game with also some chiptune music. I just record stuff in my house/outside and edit the heck out of them in audacity

@shpuld thats prob smart
ima still test it out and see if i can get anything good out of it

hey would u happen to know of any synth addons for audacity im currently just using stock

@misslav I run it without any plugins too, for sound FX work I don't really need anything else, if I need to actually generate signals and stuff I use another program like sunvox
@misslav it looks nice and is kinda easy to learn but the more you use it the more you start hating how clunky it can be
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