This is extremely disappointing.

Can you post your opinion on climate change, gun control, abortion, etc as well, because you need to take a stance with that now too.

I think Fedilab is making the only right decision, giving users more options/freedom NOT to interact with ppl/instances they don't want to, but you're suggesting to flag them?
Flagging Tusky for restricting people's freedom to interact or not with certain people would be appropriate.

@fdroidorg I love how these fuckstains always have their sacred "marginalized groups" as the center of the fucking world, as if nobody's allowed to question the constantly changing definitions of who is and isn't marginalized or operate under any other paradigm.

@elsacodelcoco @phoe @fdroidorg

Someone did it to me in this very thread!

- I can't tell though, because he blocked me.

F-droid had better delete Firefox from their repository, otherwise someone might be able access this vile hate speech..

VIDEO:Annoyed by loud music, man uses drone to shoot fireworks at neighbors. Civilian drone warfare.

Credit u/profeta via Reddit
HT @CaptainSkyhawk1 Twitter
#TheNorthSignal #drones

@kaniini @dielan translation: I don’t like @josh, he’s a nigger, we don’t allow niggers on our instance. Josh has not the right to speak in defense of himself.. because he is a nigger.
I’m ok if the nigger nigs in his own niggerlicious way, but keep that niggin’ away from me

Hopefully meaning wasn’t lost, retard isn’t my first language sorry. Duolingo can only do so much.
Lmao, I think Gab users are actually the most discriminated minority on fedi.

@shp drpetter.se/project_sfxr.html
i got briefly hyped when i looked at this i got sent this by someone on the quakemapping discord and noticed it was made for a Ludum Dare jam and i rembered one of ur games were made for a ld jam but then i realized that it was sutch a tiny connection and was over hypiing it in muh head

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