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I'm working on an free free software version of quake
Im going to need help with the project
Its based on the openquartz project which died in the early 2000s

Mappers, modeler's, texture artists and sound designers are needed
Even if your not very good at any of these give it a shot and help get more people on the project

i realized it looks better if they are on grid and not moving

Mirror, mirror on the wall. Who is the snuggest blobcat of all?

I should cut this girl a break though. She's only 19 and at least she was willing to have a conversation even if it was just to insult. That's more than I can say about a lot of the SJW-leaning #Fediverse.

@terryenglish @buoyantair
The ones you drink or the ones you put cement into to throw at people whose words you don't like?

Why don't you just admit that what you're really concerned about is ideological purity? If you want to create an echo chamber and damage the #Fediverse overall do what you want, but don't expect me to buy your flimsy justifications. I've been on Gab. I know what kind of users are there. Most of them are completely harmless rubes. Again if you want to block someone like James Allsup I completely understand but you're average Gabber is just a conservatard with a persecution complex.

Have you even been on Gab? Most of the people there are harmless boomer conservatives. There are a small number of alt-right people but they're a drop in the bucket.

@isolategab The #Fediverse needs to grow and supplant the centralized forms of social media. Gab is a very large instance. We should see their addition as a large victory. As the #Fediverse expands your subset of it will shrink smaller and smaller. The only ones you'll succeed in isolating is yourselves. This will also not prevent anyone from laughing at you while this happens, myself included 😉. Bye bye! 👋

hey would u have any intrest making models or sounds for this

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