Arghhh. My good friend and band-mate is going off the rails on gun control right now (likely as a result of the days events).
I'm just gonna not engage on chat. If it comes down to a face-off, though, there's no holding back.
That's one good thing about band-mates, you're in each other's faces constantly. You get good at it, generally without breaking shit 🙂


I heard a similar story about a similar situation. Two band members, one communist and the other capitalist, and they would constantly argue politics. But when showtime arived, they both happily entered the stage and played together.

Some people are very good at having contrary opinions, arguing about it, and then letting it go when there's a job to perform.


@h4890 Yeah, it's a pretty common phenomenon Johnny Cash wrote a song about it ages ago (describing a scenario with a less optimal outcome 😂 ).

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