In the (still unlikely, IMO) event the USSC strikes down Roe v. Wade, I propose we use this as an opportunity to introduce a "bodily autonomy" amendment to the Constitution.

Make abortion a right. Forbid vaccine mandates or any other forced medical intervention.

Seems like a clear win, to me.

@chillanarchist01 If you mean "right to life" vs "right to an abortion" -- it's complicated.
Coming purely from a natural rights perspective the question comes down to: does a fetus count as a human life?
While I personally think life begins at conception, I have to admit that there's a case for the opposing viewpoint. It's an area I'm willing to compromise on towards bodily autonomy.
And obviously, there's a much bigger discussion here 🙂

@mindhog I'm not. The zygote's development is self-directed from the time conception finishes (a 3-day process after fertilization). If a fetus (literally Latin for offspring) doesn't count as human life, what are we? Because nothing about us genetically changes from womb to room. Anything else is justification for convenience.

@chillanarchist01 Nothing may genetically change (given a very strict definition of genetics) but a good many other things do.
We are much more than our genetic blueprints.

@mindhog yes, but as a species it is our genetics that separate us from other primates. We are, strictly speaking, human beings from fertilization until death.

@mindhog We should also be thinking of Buck v. Bell, which allows forced sterilization and, I believe, still stands.

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