OH you're in the middle of writing a technical for onboarding the MDM? WELL WRITE ANOTHER ONE YOU TYPIN' MAFAKA!

Apparently an EU study has determined that central bank issued cryptocurrencies could be a remedy for the lack of competition in the cryptospace, lol. Wut? Governments and central banks are the two most anti-competitive entities in existence.


The Brass Horn Onion3G is a #SIM card that automatically routes all your #mobile data through the #Tor network without the need for a setup

Trump's tariffs are hurting the very companies that are providing the blue collar jobs that he likes to tout.

Many of us will be lamenting our lack of choices in November's midterms, but voters in Maine will get to rank them, and independent voters may alter the outcome of one race.

If any users are looking for a good alternative is open-source, FREE (pro is cheaper per year), pre-internet-encrypted DB sync, runs on toasters and has 2FA+Yubikey+NFC.


Those who don't like Gary Johnson-types because they're not enough should consider this:

That milquetoast, barely libertarian message, against two of the most despised candidates for POTUS recent history... got 3%.

At least politically, these are extremely illiberal times.

Seems fairly self-evident that the more one invests in their "identity" either way, the more miserable they are, the more problems they have, and the more they alienate those who don't happen to share their identity. But some would rather be "correct" than happy.

IMAGINE IF YOU WILL: Basing your self-worth on your individual achievements instead of an easily politicized, and self-defeating identity "brand."

Downloading 100+ GBs of photos from 3 Google accounts, de-duping them, and putting them in a private cloud storage is gonna SUCK. But it must be done.

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"You don't bring a bone saw to an accidental fist fight," says GOP Sen. Ben Sasse of the Saudis' explanation for journalist Jamal Khashoggi's death. "The Saudis have said a whole bunch of crap that's not right, accurate, or true" #CNNSOTU
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Man dressed as NPC holds sign at AZ protest saying β€œorange man bad”. Hours later leftists still unable to tell him apart from actual protesters.

"I wish more companies would start filling potholes because our government, the corrupt government is not gonna do it!" β€” @Johncdvorak #noagenda 1043

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