A great read for Catholics. I've been saying it for years: progressiveism is a secular faith.

Reflections on the Church and America's New Religions - Archbishop Gomez

Last year, I spent all of my $1200 COVID welfare check on Monero. That same amount of Monero is now worth more than double at the moment: $3012. Meanwhile the $1200 from last year has less purchasing power today.

Monero is the only crypto that actually works as money. It's the most threatening to the dollar, and that's why the establishment hates it. Buy now at a discount! And donate some to liberdon!


I'm almost embarrassed to admit I don't know what "let's go Brandon" means.

Desks at schools should be replaced with restaurant tables. That way, when the students sit down, they can take off their masks.

Any time a progressive uses the term Eurocentric, they are literally just whining about how the US was founded and built by European immigrants.

War on COVID, war on terror, war on drugs, war on poverty, war on you, war on me.

Ain't it funny how Vettel and other drivers protest Hungarian LGBT attitudes but not other countries that are clearly worse for the LGBT? No protest over how same-sex marriage is still illegal in Bahrain. No comment on the "severe social and government discrimination" of LGBT people in Azerbaijan. Hungary is bad, the rest are ignored. I wonder, why is that?

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Franco nos salvó del Fascismo, del Nazismo y ... *Los utilizó* para luchar contra el Marxismo.

La Europa del Este, no tuvo esa suerte. Vivieron la dictadura del hambre hasta 1989.
La URSS hasta 1.991. (Repito, hambre)

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What South Africa needs is some rooftop Koreans.

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