@everyone at 11:00 EST. (2 hours from now) I will be going live on Ernest Hancock's national radio show. I am going to stream our interview live on my Dlive channel at the same time. Come over to my Dlive and check it out. dlive.tv/LupoTV

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@lupotv @liberdon My understanding is that the federated timeline contains original messages from each account that is followed by someone on one's local server, no matter what server the account is on.

So, because I (and presumably many others on Liberdon) follow @thinkliberty, a user on mastodon.social not Liberdon, anyone who looks at Liberdon's federated timeline will see thinkliberty's toots (but not replies or boosts).

No doubt someone will correct me if I have this wrong. :)

@liberdon Can you explain where the Federated timeline imports from. Are all these folks on your platform or is this an import mesh of other private platforms? Also I would like to do a story about this to help promote it but I need to understand Mastodon better and how it works. Can you help me?

@FTL_Ian I found this old video of you in one of my stories. I can't believe it has been 8 years. youtube.com/watch?v=YVtSQBEgWl

@everyone New article is out, check it out. Top 25 Banned Baby Names - Society and governments limit baby names in order to protect children from bullying and unnecessary judgment and scrutiny. But can the limits go too far? hubpages.com/family/forbidden-

You can tell the moon landing was staged if you look at the angle of shadow coming off the cat.

We just dropped a new article : Humongous Fungus: The Largest Living Thing on Earth
It's not a dinosaur, whale, or giant deep-sea creature. In fact, the world's largest known organism is an underground fungus that most people wouldn't notice even if it was right beneath their feet..


My Youtube money keeps going down and down, I wish I could make a living on the decentralized platforms but they don't pay enough yet. I am hoping that shifts this year. I am going to start spending a lot more time on dlive this winter. I wonder how I monetize here?

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