"From 2015 to 2019, #Iceland ran the world's largest trial of a shorter working week. An analysis of the results was finally published this week, and surprise! Everyone was happier, healthier, and more productive. Please pretend to be surprised."

🇮🇸 :blobaww:

"This study shows that the world's largest ever trial of a shorter working week in the public sector was by all measures an overwhelming success"

That is the catch, you are only surveying the people enjoying the benefits of the measure and silencing those who will pay the price.

In the private sector you can't shorten the hours worked and keep the same wedges without compulsively plundering the employers...

...Then don't be surpriced if less business are willing to open in places with that regulation...

...In the publisc sector, by definition you are plundering the thaxpayer who will pay for the rise in the cost of each hour worked by the public employee.

If people didn't voluntarily accepted without state cohersion, it is becaus it can't be done without damaging other sectors, the whole picture must be taken into account if you are really looking to understand how things work.

@lovizio oh man, no seriously, which part of "productivity stayed the same or improved" do you not understand?


It begs the question: then if productivity increases why you need to force people to adopt it?

Why didn't other company developed that and used to their advantage like historically companies have made by developing improvements on the human resouces?

@lovizio I literally *just* linked you to a Microsoft study with very similar results.

But the question is valid: indeed, *why* didn't businesses adopt a shorter work week it yet, even though there are multiple studies showing increased productivity?

To me, it speaks volumes about the wastefulness and irrationality of the private sector.


For the sources you can take a look at

{Analitical backgrond, praxeology}
- Human Action | von Mises

{For the metodology of the study, what thy show and what they don't}
- How to lie with statistics (short and kind of fun reading, independently of political views)

{Historical references and some other perpectives}
- Why the nations fail | Acemoglue & Robinson

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