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"Una biblioteca verdaderamente grande contiene algo para ofender a todo el mundo".

-Jo Godwin twitter.com/SteveStuWill/statu

Liblast is an open-source multiplayer FPS game project looking for contributors.


Are you passionate about FPS games? Are you flirting with libre game development? Do you want to join a hobbyist project and help create a unique, humorous game that'll hopefully become the best FOSS multiplayer shooter yet?

Join us!

We're looking for:

- An art lead
- GDScript programmers
- Blender 3D artists
- and more!

#Godot #GameDev #IndieGameDev #FOSS #Libre #OpenSource #Liblast

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If you are going to invest in #bitcoin :bitcoin: a short time horizon is four years, a mid time horizon is ten years, & the right time horizon is #forever.

You don’t buy bitcoin to get validated by a community or get acceptance. It’s your money!

Want 😍🕟

Any guides out there on how to build one of these beautys?

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Watchy watchface updated. @sqfmi


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Empecé a leer el libro de @pitiklinov con mucho escepticismo; ya voy por la mitad y no solamente es una obra necesaria sino que pone en duda muchas de nuestras creencias; no apto para mentes atormentadas de sectarismo

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Hello #Bitcoin plebs 👋🏽

I’d like to connect with as many fellow Bitconers as possible.

Please do me a favour and like / retweet this.

Thank you 🙏🏽

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0⃣ El primer principio de la psicología moral es: las intuiciones vienen primero, el razonamiento estratégico después. @JonHaidt expone 5 áreas de investigación que muestran qe el pensamiento moral se parece más a un político qe busca votos que a un científico qe busca la verdad:

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