This week's episode is one of the most intense legal discussions I've had on the show yet. You don't want to miss it! Ft. @deanofiles

In my latest episode, I spoke to @MonicaPerezShow and @freedomactradio from the Propaganda Report about how the media sold COVID-1984. Thanks to you both for joining me!

Anyone seen Slobby's World on Netflix? It's about a vintage clothing and memorabilia store owner who marks up thrift store items 1000%. Its an incredible case study on subjective value. I discussed in my B-side show

How many years until the establishment accepts Trump the way they did George W. Bush?

My latest: Eric Hailar joins me for a great conversation about the insanity of 2020. If you enjoy the content I produce, please help me out by sharing, subscribing, rating, and reviewing.

If you are not familiar with LBRY, a promising Youtube alternative, I have joined the platform and am uploading my back catalog. Here's my classic episode on the Austrian Theory of the Business Cycle!

Only in 2020 USSA would having Christmas with your family be a revolutionary act.

Resisting will come at incredible personal risk and sacrifice. Are we up to it? I discuss a project I am working on to tell similar stories from history.

Are there any libertarian instances of peertube?

Hey everyone. Rejoining the fediverse. Want to be at the tip of the spear as part of the solution.


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