Power outage at Texas power plant was because no one there knew how to operate a 52 year old manual switch to enable the backup power. kvue.com/article/news/local/au

Don't ever think you know what's right for the other person. He might start thinking he knows what's right for you.

@EmmaFaber @Andrii @Babayaga @Marciepigz @freedompatriot men are not the toddlers you abuse bitch.

And yes we are being over socialized and brainwashed to behave in feminized fake gay western liberal democracies where our purpose is to work out asses to pay taxes for people that despise us and to clap and have a big smile about it and when we get called, fight and die for a democracy that will leave us to die after that.

So yeah, of course this society needs to be destroyed, everything needs to die nothing but Holy Terror will create a new social order without the ills of the liberal egalitarian societies of the west.
I look forward to the return of kings and traditional societies we have no business supporting your system or defending it because is a system created by weak men with no morality in their hearts.

I have no obligation to serve you, to care about your issues, to convert you no persuade you.
My only obligation is to do everything in my power to destroy this system and exacerbate the suffering of those who are too attached and too invested.

You can't even guilt me into compliance, because I am not part of this system, not willingly. For the only reason you are so hysterically drawn into shit talk to us is to make us good compliant citizens and if we behave well we might have the HONOR to pay for your nudes.
Sorry I cannot be part of a tribe that doesn't respect me or my contributions.
When this system falls apart when we want something we won't ask nicely for it we'll just take it.

So please by all means, be as bitter and feminist as you can, be as psychotic, malevolent and irrational as you can become the proper reward for men who remain loyal to this system. And please kill all of your babies (abortion) the last thing we want in the future is dealing with your genes.

Everything changes in a police state.

The friendly Gestapo who once only arrested robbers and murderers is now also responsible for jailing Christians, beggars, smokers, protestors, reporters, lawyers, parents, business people, pet owners, bank customers, gun owners, and pedestrians.

The law-abiding citizen no longer can obey the law because everything is illegal.

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