New Hampshire Independence

The United States have become so divided over the last decade. Republicans and Democrats are each living in their own echo chamber, disagreeing on basic principles, and having opposing ideas on which direction the country should go in. Libertarians just want the government to leave peaceful people alone so they can make their own decisions. Many people are now advocating for a p

@libertarian_bonnie It's impractical, even if the US allowed it. Imagine having to go through customs every time you visited Massachusetts and pay import duties on most of your mail-order purchases.

@gmcgath The EU doesn't have those between its countries, and if NH doesn't have sales tax on mail-order goods, why do you assume they would instate an import duty?

@libertarian_bonnie I'd expect the USA to be hostile to any breakaway states and cause as much trouble as possible. The most likely scenario is that federal officials would arrest a bunch of state officials and quash the secession before it happened.

A more useful point of comparison than the EU is Spain and Catalonia.

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