@liberdon I tried to make a donation of Dash through CoinPayments, but it bounced. Got my money back.

The message said "Your payment of 0.17602000 DASH to Liberdon.com has timed out without us receiving the required funds." Confusing, since they refunded my Dash, so they must have received it.

@gmcgath Hey, firstly thanks so much for your donation. I did receive a notification that a payment matching yours was pending, however it seems the Dash never went through & the status is now "Cancelled / Timed Out". It acted like it never received it, so if you actually sent it & it refunded it that would be weird. Did it give you any tx ids or anything?

@liberdon I think I see. One of the messages I got said "We have received only 0.17410644 of the 0.17602000 DASH for transaction CPDE5J1O5QVUJLGYJHDMBSDFV1 to Liberdon.com leaving a remaining balance of 0.00191356 DASH. This can happen if you forgot to account for the coin TX fee..." Apparently I was supposed to specify a donation amount that would leave enough for the TX fee. I'll see if I can give it another try.


@gmcgath Ah, that makes sense. Yeah, it can be used to accept payments for products & services in addition to donations, so that’s why it spit that back. Thanks again for donating 🙏

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