@kazvorpal I'm not exactly the racy content type, but so far the several instances of Mastodon I've checked out have made Facebook look like FreeSpeechotopia. @liberdon adds a dimension of irony in that respect but is otherwise typical.

@thomaslknapp @kazvorpal @liberdon run your own instance and have whatever you want on it. Liberty isn't about everything goes all of the time, its about making your own choices. Chose an instance that suits you or run your own - your own free choice.

@pperrin Absolutely. @liberdon is free to run the instance in any way he or she wants. And he or she is free to kick me off for commenting on the way he or she runs it, too, I've never said otherwise.

But words mean things.

Spam doesn't mean "more than X messages per Y minutes from one user."

Spam means "unsolicited commercial bulk messaging."

@liberdon objected to the former, not the latter -- an objection I was happy to accommodate even though it's not in the guidelines and isn't spam.


@thomaslknapp no one is going to kick you off for commenting on my moderation, because that's not against the terms.

but spamming is. so just for the sake of completeness, I'll repost this here:

that's literally exactly what was occurring. and since it seems clear you also don't know what the word "commercial" means, here's a hint: when you have ads on your site, it's a commercial site.

maybe YOU should learn what words mean before making a fool of yourself like this.

@liberdon @thomaslknapp oops... I hadn't seen there was history, I thought the original was just a comment on having rules generally...

Didn't mean to pick a scab...

@liberdon My learning curve continues. First I thought you were re-defining spam. Then I thought you just didn't know what it means. Now it appears that you don't understand the definition that you yourself cite.

Yes, I have ads on my site. That does not make a post on another site referencing something that is not an ad a "commercial" post. It is not the ads that the toot links to, it is the content. Almost all content on the web is accompanied by advertising.

@thomaslknapp thank you for confirming that you indeed do not understand the meaning of the word "commercial". when you have ads on your site, when it's a profit-making venture, then it is by definition commercial. you might be the only person who's ever debated this fact, it's really not in question by anyone. so yes, even by the strictest definition of spamming being related to commercial activity, you were still spamming. so just don't do it anymore. problem solved.

@rationalreview the exact definition of spamming, which I posted, covers what you were doing, exactly.

so just don't do it anymore. problem solved.

it's not that hard. thanks.

@rationalreview this is like trying to debate a child. you're clearly a foolish person who either doesn't understand what words mean, or doesn't want to because it affects you specifically.

stop spamming. end of discussion. I'm done with your childish contentions.

and stop spamming your foolish argument in other people's posts like a child.

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