@liberdon But as you've already demonstrated vis a vis @rationalreview, the criteria on the about page mean whatever you happen to want them to mean, any time you want them to mean it. So not the most reliable guide.

@thomaslknapp except that was an instance of - albeit inadvertently - spamming, which is also clearly posted. the auto-posts were coming in bursts of 10 or so and overwhelming the local timeline. they were kind enough to fix the issue and now it's resolved. so I'm still not sure what your issue is, but I guess we'll have to agree to disagree.

@liberdon I don't have an "issue." You run the instance. You get to run it any way you want to. I was just commenting on the WAY you run it.

For example, inflating post counts from an actual max of 10 per hour (usually much less) to an imaginary "bursts of 10 or so" and then re-defining that fantasy into something else ("spam"). I'd have been happy to throttle back posts for the real reason (small population, variety wanted).But when words don't mean things, guidelines aren't useful.


@thomaslknapp this is what the local timeline had started looking like. that's clearly spamming. this isn't rationalreview.com. if you aren't happy that the terms didn't clearly spell out that that's spamming, which ought to be obvious, then sorry. if you would like to write an exhaustive list of things that constitute spamming and submit it for consideration, please feel free. you're also welcome to start your own instance w/ rules where a single user takes up the whole timeline, if you like 👍

@liberdon I apologize for assuming that you were re-defining the meaning of spam. I see now that you just don't know what the word means.

@thomaslknapp LOL, actually this is very illuminative because now it's clear that YOU don't know what the word means: merriam-webster.com/dictionary
that's literally exactly what was occurring. and since it seems clear you also don't know what the word "commercial" means, here's a hint: when you have ads on your site, it's a commercial site.

so are you done yet?

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