@kazvorpal hey - per our standards (liberdon.com/about/more), pornographic content is not tolerated, so the account has been temporarily muted until the image can be removed. please review the standards, then message back as soon as this is resolved, and the mute will be reversed. thank you.

@liberdon @kazvorpal can you imagine being this much of a semen slurping faggot?
@kazvorpal @liberdon liberdon of course, why would anyone complain about tits

@kazvorpal clearly you think it's borderline, otherwise why would you have posted it in the first place?

this instance doesn't exist for sexual content. it's "SFW" only. if you think it's cool to post "side-boob", you can try any other number of instances for that, or 4chan, or wherever else people appreciate totally super edgy nudity. just not here.

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