Thunder Bay Real Estate Market Analysis Feb 2021: Money Talks Podcast With local real estate lawyer

Ive come around on Binance. I think its way better than coinbase.

P&L is insanely bullish for me there.

MP suggests all MPs live like a CERB recipient.

They cut his pay only in retaliation.

Let Them Eat Cake.

These are the people who own you.

I appreciate james o’keefe saying β€œwe need to sue the shit out of them” over and over.

Is and Governance the solution to state tyranny?

I hope so.

If anyone wants some I think i have some to spare right now...

@[email protected]
Doug Ford is perpetuating a hoax and should be held accountable.
TAKE OFF YOUR MASK. Use your brain.


@spinny @landedking I think they know very well and want to achieve depopulation with any means necessary, they don't care anymore about looks.

this is heartbreaking
hovv could the price for insuline get up that much in a fevv days?
just got that message from a friend

I saw another where the mom was just in the car crying because hers for her INFANT went from around $100 to over $600 PER DAY. And she had to tell them she couldn't buy it her & husband had no money left. and combined they do not make $600 PER DAY. So her choice was to let her INFANT DIE?

@[email protected] a 2 lb block of tillamook cheese is now $10 vs $7 from 2 months ago

is running wild in 2021.

2 by 4 studs have done a 4x

Housing prices are up ~15-30%

& everyone is unemployed while money printer go brrr

By the time it hits food it will be

Buy Long Term Storeable Food NOW!

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