yeah, the chuch of moloch
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While the leaked court draft does not represent the Supreme Court's ruling in its final form; nevertheless, it contradicts this church's teaching. This church teaches that abortion and reproductive health care, including contraception, must be legal and accessible.

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Sorry. Not beautiful. And no amount of authoritarian tolerance is going to change that.

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Pete Buttigieg admits desperate hunt for baby formula for twins during shortage

"Why am I more bent out of shape about this than people who are my betters?"
– The one person who actually somehow manages to be worse than pol*ticians.

it's called St Vincent's Hospital, what did you expect?
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Thank you to the person who sent me these pictures taken an hour ago in the “fully secular” St Vincent’s Hospital

Mass in hospital oratory ☑️
Mass on hospital TV ☑️
Blessed Sacrament exposed daily ☑️
Stations of the Cross ☑️
Core Values of Sisters of Charity posted on campus ☑️

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Since he did it to @RepThomasMassie.... caption this

Jordan Peterson out here calling women "mid"
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Sorry. Not beautiful. And no amount of authoritarian tolerance is going to change that.

Journ*list moment.
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In a field outside the village, were the remains of a downed Russian helicopter, children playing on its twisted metal carcass

Being "anti-[protected class]"...
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Being "anti-racist" starts by admitting "whiteness" is a disease.

Well, crap.
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BREAKING: Prime Minister of Sri Lanka says the country is out of petrol

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UPDATE - Deadly attack at a church in California was carried out by a Chinese immigrant motivated by hate for Taiwanese, officials say.

Katie Hobbs may be the worst politician in the country.
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Haven’t you heard? I’m running for Governor of Arizona!

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The Azov Batallion has killed a lot more than ten people and not only did they not have to pass background checks, but they got guns from the US Government paid for with your tax dollars.
But you’re a traitor if you don’t want to send 40 billion to Ukraine.
Fuck the government.

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This is actually a very good question. Gun banners have screamed from cost to cost for red flag laws. Now that they have them, they do nothing with them and scream for yet another round of laws from their never ending wish list.

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