they will imprison you for defending yourself from overt aggression
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Wild video shows NYC bodega worker allegedly stabbing man to death

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Down go the Georgia Guidestones!

we are winning, we will win, all will be well
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BREAKING: The largest abortion business in Texas, Whole Woman's Health, says it will shut down all four of its abortion businesses.

The cost of my generic stomach prescription went up $80 (from $7!) this month. Fortunately I still had it covered, but I'm very glad this is my last refill.

"school choice for the elite"
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"school choice for me but not for thee!"

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I guess this November, we’ll find out if Americans value murdering their children over having food.

lol lmao they're really trying the bloodguilt route
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@MisesAZ Ok. These people are dead, and you helped kill them.

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NEW - Georgia Guidestones, the monument with the inscription "maintain humanity under 500,000,000", has been partially destroyed.

Alex Jones deep lore
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When bloggers frame him for bigamy, dynamic ex-con Reagan Eagle must bomb demons before time runs out.

me and who
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So, uh.... Dutch farmers have purchased a tank to use to block distribution centres.

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Kind of like how many domestic abuse victims have a hard time getting any help from law enforcement.

every day we stray closer to fedpost
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"Get ready to strut your stuff." Youth organization puts out advertisement looking for kids to perform in drag.

You had a sexual relationship with a Chinese spy, you aren’t capable of drawing straight lines dumbass.🤣

Try something new, think with your real head.

Read Illinois gun laws and let me know how their assault weapons ban and red flag laws stopped the shooter.

"you can't like Judge Dredd it's copaganda"

like, c'mon, it is clearly Stirnerite theory

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