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The world's greatests threats:

1. China
2. USA failing economy
3. Hardly anyone is brought up on a philosophy of freedom

Bibi gave Jerusalem to the Hamas.
Benet Gabe the south to the Bedouin.

If these are the leaders of the right, who needs lefties?

U.S. inflation is transitory but could become more persistent, says ex-Fed official Dudley"

So the newspeak is that this a long term transitory inflation?

Who takes these clowns seriously?

A year ago Yaron Brook predicted inflation...

Conservativs: The present is better than the past. What brought us here is our institutions. Let's preserve them.

Socialists: There is a lot of bad in the present. Our institutions brought us here. Let's destroy them.

Objetvists: The present is better than the past. But there is still bad. Let's figure out what are the good parts in our institutions that made the improvements and preserve them. Let's figure out what are the bad parts and change them.

This sounded very interesting. Falconers are extinct breed. Mostly because they are protected birds in most countries. But then they had to go and play the race card in a racist way and I lost interest.

Maybe they were playing the victim Olympic to suppress criticism that they are encouraging the harm of endangered spices...

A bomb fell a couple of blocks away from. A quick reminder to all those who have sympathy for the Hamas led Gazans. If we would have fought them using the same principles they are using, Gaza would become a parking lot in 24 hours...

This is the kind of pressure supporters of Israel face.

And I just want to point out that Israel is not at war with Palestinians. Palestine is alternative bame to the Land of Israel. There is no Palestinian nation.

After two nights of waking in the middle of the night from the sound of sirens and explosions, we had a full night sleep.

I have a feeling that this is not the end...

So is under attack. Again.
Muslim are rioting in the streets. The police is refusing, or incapable, of stopping them.

Lots of fun in the promised land.

This study examines how much wealth people leave after they die and concludes that since it didn't change much since WWII the middle class didn't grow. What he misses is how much did those people *spend* while they are alive. That is how you determine the growth of the middle class.

"Ryan Singer, questioned the existence of white supremacy at the company to the dismay of other employees. Singer, who had been with the company 18 years, eventually resigned."

So people were offended at the thought that the company they work for is *not* racist?

They want to work only for racist companies? Who are thses but cases?

Warren Buffett: We are seeing substantial inflation and are raising prices — The dumb people belive the fed and think that this is "transentory". The *really* dumb people think that there is no connection between the rising prices and the feds printing spree.

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