@h4890 @PawelK But you are talking about racial / ethnic self segregation through violence, not about intimidation because of religion or ideology

@h4890 @PawelK Are you saying that I would not be allowed in a bar / club if I was known political activist?

1000 units of vacuum space that light can pass in 1/299,792,458 of a second

It's also a decline in Europe's already shaky free speach

Zimbabwe to introduce gold coins as local currency tumbles

Soaring inflation piling pressure on country already struggling with shortages and stirring memories of Mugabe chaos

Is this the first sign of a return to the gold standard?


Here is a explanation of . It's amazing that throughout the explanation there is no question regarding WHAT is a "right" and why we have them.
The only reasons to reject the "Left" definition on rights is a practical case, which leaves the moral high ground to the Left.

Simply put: This is a great example why claimed Libertarians have no


Same with me.
Is it limited to a certain version of Android?
@apps @Bristow_69

Good. Since this bill is unconstitutional, it would be struck down. In the meanwhile a lot of sane Democrats would leave the left.

If you get to rich on your wealth would be confiscated.

Which makes me wonder, what other criteria would convince the Solana community to confiscate an individuals wealth?


There's a run on Chinese banks and it's being ignored by the world | Asia Markets

A run on rural Chinese banks has been unfolding for months, but there's now evidence contagion is spreading to big cities. The global ramifications of a major run on Chinese banks would be enormous.

Can anyone confirm?


I would like to star that reply but all I can do is shake my head in sadness.

California Animal Shelter Introduces Policy Requiring Support of Gun Control for Pet Adoption

This guy is sacrificing the pets wellbeing on the alter of his ideology. He can't claim that he really cares about the animals.


Wow! What a stupid move of the Biden administration!

@kf In each moment a doctor can decide if he wants to use that moment to help a patient by focusing his mind on the patients problem, or he could do something else.
He who decides how the doctor spends is time is the "owner" of the doctors time. If the patient has a say in the doctors time, which patient gets the doctors time?

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