@billblake2018 @h4890 we can't deny that the US changed. From voting for Coolidge the US went to voting for Roosevelt and the New Deal. Little by little the people in the US stopped seeing freedom as the most important political value.

I think that it started with the European philosophy that was imported in the late 1800's and was cemented into the US ideas through the arts. Plays, movies, books etc. and journalism.

@h4890 @billblake2018 It can happen. It did happen (in the USA for example) but it most probably not happen.

Freedom is eroding world wide because the public are rejecting (implicit and explicit) any philosophy that supports freedom.

If world wide freedom supporting philosophies are vanishing, I cant see why it would rise in China...

@h4890 @billblake2018 My guess will be "No".

Tyrannical regimes have proven that outside pressure (and that includes internet) can be muted.

@anonymoose @h4890 Let's just hope they won't do something rash, like start a global war, to save themselves. Too many authoritarian regimes tried that. They failed, but it created a lot of human misery on the way...

@billblake2018 @h4890 I agree. Their economic power will decrease, but it most probably cause them to double down on their authorierian policies.

Unless the people of China have a philosophical revolution, they won't be free.

Xi may be moving China to economic system 'that doesn't exist anywhere in the world'

That is the headline. When you read the article you get the feeling that you do recognize the economy that Xi wants to build. It's called

This is good news. It means that the CCP has decided to commit economic suicide.


@aral Since it's pay walled I can't see his argument. But Gidones ideas are well known. And since he is a nitwit, I doubt these arguments hold any water.

Mist arguments comparing Israel, which it's minorities sit in it's high court, parliament and have high military ranks, with apartheid, don't hold any water.

British ‘baby shortage’ could lead to economic decline, says thinktank | Childcare | The Guardian

Spot on. Value is created by rational thinking. The more working minds you have, the more value is produced.


What we are seeing here is a man in Syria preparing the waste from olive oil production for fuel. Since in Syria there is a shortage in gasoline , olive oil waste is concidered an alternative. Obviously the smoke creates more polotion than gasoline.

This is a prime example how poverty creates more polotion and how wealth can combat polotion.

@h4890 I am trying to get people to use Signal, but that is also centralized...

@FortyTwo Facebook deleted years old comments of mine which contained a link to mastodon. They returned some after a review

[Quote RT]
Have you noticed all anti-nuclear-energy protests have gone silent now that both the left and the right agree nuclear energy is the smart path forward?

This is the first time I have seen any side win a major debate. The few complainers remaining are simply under-informed. nitter.poast.org/Shellenberger

@DeveloperMemes Read the text. They actually state that in a zombie apocalypse they REMOVE certain restrictions.

@JimCriz So here is a true and personal story.
Sat at a Shabbat dinner next to an Pediatrics intern. When I asked her if she saw something alarming regarding COVID she said that they have an increasing number of children with heart inflammation. I asked her how do they know it's COVID related, she said that it's the only common thread. Its not too common but every hospital in Israel has several cases of kids with heart inflammation.

@h4890 There needs to be an easier way. I am looking at IPFS, but it's to early in it's development stages to be really usefull..

You can't trust with your data. You certainly can't trust China...


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