What we are seeing here is a man in Syria preparing the waste from olive oil production for fuel. Since in Syria there is a shortage in gasoline , olive oil waste is concidered an alternative. Obviously the smoke creates more polotion than gasoline.

This is a prime example how poverty creates more polotion and how wealth can combat polotion.

This is from the Israeli Corona dashboard. It Shows the number of dangerously ill who are 60+ (by 100K). Blue is not vaccinated. Green vaccinated. Orange one shot.


I might be reading the data wrong...

This sounded very interesting. Falconers are extinct breed. Mostly because they are protected birds in most countries. But then they had to go and play the race card in a racist way and I lost interest.

Maybe they were playing the victim Olympic to suppress criticism that they are encouraging the harm of endangered spices...

Cheif wine inspector making his quality assurance check

שמאל יקר, שמאל חביב, תבטלו את אחוז החסימה לתמיד!

(ימין, אל תדאג, גם אתה תרוויח מזה...)

הדרישה *שכל* האוכלוסייה תהיה מחוסנת היא חסרת כל הגיון.

יש את המושג חיסון עדר
מספיק ש 60% מהאוכלוסייה תהיה מחוסנת, בין אם זה על ידי חיסון ובין אם זה ע"י הבראה, כדי לוודא שהמגיפה לא תתפשט.
מה שאומר שאנחנו כבר שם או ממש כמעט שם.

My cat starting a podcast. Mostly talking about how humans need to give cats more tuna and yogurt...

Testing the image upload feature with a pic of me writing and my cat lazily lounging next to me


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