The root error of the "Running out of resources" crowd do is that they equate material goods with value.

Value comes from the mind. Value is created by recognizing how something can be utilized to support our lives as human beings.

Aluminum had zero value until someone figured out how to process it. India was about to starve until some one created a new kind of crop. We are racing to mars so we can mine other planets.

Our resources are linted on,y by our imagination.


Yawn! Hasn't there been predictions like that since the 1800s? My favourite example is global warming. I don't know how many "we only have 10 years" that has passed before my eyes through the decades. ;)

@h4890 These predictions are beginning to get tiring. Which begs the question, why do so many smart people make this error?

I think it's because of one crucial erroneous idea that they have. That value is intrinsic in matter.


Good question, I think if we could answer it, maybe we could fix the problem? ;)

My guess is a combination of:

* Dismantled school system. When I talk with engineers who were born in the 50s, they always seemed to have a much better education than I received. When I speak with the young today, I feel they got a worse education than I did.

* Fear. People now a days live in constant fear. Newspapers, tv, politicians, all of them use fear as a weapon, and that makes critical (...)

@kpeace thinking and sound reasoning difficult. Because "this time it might be different".

* Culture of instant gratification. With all the ipads, ipods, movies, phones, games etc. people are not trained in delaying gratification. They want solutions, preferably easy ones, right here, right now. Anything else is too hard or boring.

Those three would be my guesses why most western societies today seem to be going down.

@h4890 The school system is a very efficient way to pass valued onto the young. I agree that the reason that this generation is going ape shit is because the school system is teaching children to value the wrong things.

The most important issue is to take back the school system. Separate state and education and make all schools private.

But what is the correct values to teach kids? My answer to that is which teaches that value is NOT intrinsic.

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