Yesterday’s little “political debate” on birdsite (where I was told by a certain framework developer to “chill dude“ when I pointed out that they had Facebook/Google tracking components showcased on their community site) was apparently exactly the push I needed to make progress :)

This commit brought to you by politics ;)

Also updated the sign-in spike (still uses Snowpack+Svelte but you can now use anything for your clients.)

And now I understand what Place is – it’s a Small Web Protocol Server. Build your clients using whatever tools you like as long as they output a static SPA that conforms to the (work-in-progress) small web protocols. This just also happens to be the right technical decision and resolves the complexity that was blocking me and making my life hell in the past two weeks. Feels good to be making progress again :)


@aral are you recreating the http protocol? Did I understand correctly?

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@kpeace @aral

Listening to the last update I'm thinking it's more at the "social-technical" level. Who gets to name and manage your identity, location, (peer?) network.

Hopefully all will become clearer (to me!) as we go. The name "Place" stumped me slightly, if perhaps it might mean, "the place at which I
manage my protocols"? I think I might be overthinking it..

It'll doubtless be interesting to hear more about protocol distinctions during the livestream tomorrow.

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