Insightful. We can't repeat often enough that @mobian , @debian , @postmarketOS , @manjarolinux and others would not be where they are now, without @purism adopting a cooperative upstreaming policy. We would wager that everyone purchasing a (true) Linux device now, benefits from your investments. There is plenty to criticize and nag about you 😝, but you are doing the whole FOSS community a service that could not easily be replicated by volunteers.

If some one is having issues with notification, here is what I did to solve the issue:

Apps & Notifications -> All Apps -> Signal -> Notifications -> Lock Status - > Make sure it's on "Alerting"

Here is a link to a git hub issue:

[RT @ShellenbergerMD]
Progressives are mad that Sen. Manchin killed the climate provisions in Biden's budget, but they shouldn't be. The provisions would have increased electricity prices, blackouts, and emissions. Congress should pass nuclear-focused legislation instead.

I really don't get . Can anyone link to a short yet thorough explanation about how why it won't create hyper inflation?

Black families are homeschooling at a higher rate then any other "race".

Simply put, anyone trying to limit or prevent homeschooling is mostly trying to hurt the black community. In other words, a racist.

Browsing through an economic newspaper I come across highering tips. One of the tips is to research the candidate on the internet and filter out candidates with extreme ideas.

When will platforms offer recruiters an online break down of a person's ideas?

Digital privecy is essential for individual rights!

Jodie Comer's ‘Trump supporter’ boyfriend backlash.

So now you get canceled if you date the "wrong" person. Tell me that this isn't a cult. Tell me that their main goal is not to control your life.

Russia labels investigative news outlet Bellingcat a ‘foreign agent’.

This is of course quite ridiculous and extremely anti free speach, but we in the west are not much better. Google decided to start censoring climate change scepticism. So now in the west you can't have a scientific debate about vaccinations or climate change.

It's just one step away from criminalizing speach.

A Rule Meant to Ensure Gender Equality Is Keeping Girls Out of Classrooms.

Equality philosophy fails once again...

It looks like Elon Musk may move Tesla's headquarters to Austin

Texas is currently one of the best states for businesses. Which means that it's the state in which it is the easiest to create and produce value.

But that can change.

If the Texan kids are brought up on the wrong philosophy, they would vote out of office the freedom supporting politicians when they grow up.

Musk must invest in freeing the Texas school system.

To all those who disregarded the Austrian Business Cycle Theory and maintained that a country like the US can continue to print money with no consequences. Dismissing infaltion as transitory. Here is the proof that you are wrong.

Like Ayn Rand said: a man can ignore reality but cannot ignore the consequences of ignoring reality.

Did the Israel's give up their advantage after the Yom Kippur war because of their altruistic philosophy?

Here is my response to this claim.

In this Andrew Yang is correct. The two party system is hurting US democracy. Ranked Choice Voting can improve the situation.

Woke madness has arrived to my company.
People started putting pronouns in their zoom name... 😞

When I Ran for President, It Messed With My Head - Andrew Yang

I am not sure, but I think this is the first jab at trying to reduce elections in the USA. If the process brings out only evil people and corrupts the good, why have it?

Reminder: #China is unsafe for business.

Any American CEO who moves NEW business to China has a lot of explaining to do their shareholders. It's a dumb risk.

John Ridpath defines as:

Marxism: Is an attempt to ground in scientific laws of economics and history the claim that man kind is destined at some point in the not to distant future to arrive at a point following a final revolutionary upheaval where the full potential of human life will finally be released and we will enter the truly human era of history

What do you think?

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