"Economic strength is forcing the Fed to get more aggressive"

Wait, what???
Workforce perticipant dropped,personal debt rose (which means that consumption isn't a sign of a strong economy and we haven't returned to pre pandimic work levels.

So in what universe is the US economy strong?


"Post-pandemic reset leads to wave of layoffs in tech"

@peterschiff predicted this a long time ago. It has nothing to do with "post pandimic". Rate hikes and the fear of rate hikes are pricking the stock market cheap money bubble.

Lets just hope that this won't turn into a monitary crisis


מניסטריון האמת

אדם אחד הלך יום אחד לחנות וראה מחזה מאוד מוזר. כל מקרר הבשרים היה ריק. לא היה שום שלט או הסבר, המקרר הארוך שהיה בדרך כלל עמוס בבשר, עופות ודגים היה מכובה וכל המדפים שלו היה ריקים. ביחד איתו עמדו עוד קונים נבוכים מנסים להבין מדוע אין את האוכל שהם רוצים והאם הם יצטרכו ללכת לחנות אחרת לעשות קניות.

ההשערה הכללית הייתה שכנראה המקרר התק


The 'Bizarrely Authoritarian' U.S. Education System Inspired This Husband and Wife to Co-Found a 'Genius School' for Future Entrepreneurs and Leaders

The education system is failing everywhere and everyone. Even the good schools are not giving children the tools to succeed in the real world. I don't know if this is the correct answer, but it might be.

What we need is the liberty to create and send our children to alternatives systems.


האוקרניזציה של המזרח התיכון

רוסיה פלשה לאוקריניה וכול העולם התגייס לטובתה. ארה"ב הטילה על רוסיה סנקציות חסרות תקדים. פולין העבירה לאוקרינה טנקים בחינם, פשוט קחו. יש דיבור אפילו על מסירה של מטוסים לאוקריינים.

מה שיותר מדהים זו ההרתמות של ידוענים ומנכ"לים לטובת אוקרינה. לפחות ברמת ההזדהות. כל פרופיל שני הניף את דגל אוקרינה. אלון מאסק שלח לאוקריינים


Let's debunk some myths about inflation!

Prof. Antony Davies: 10 Myths About Inflation


@elonmusk buying tweeter is not a move towards stronger privacy and openness. Twitter, like many social medias, is an AI company. Tesla is an AI product. You can expect the two products to merge. How? One way is through insurance. The way you tweet would help to predict your crash rate and would influence your premium.


‘Can that be legal?’ UK tenants forced from their homes by soaring rents

Surprise! Landlords also have expenses. They too are affected by inflation. And there income is your rent.


Another sign od the weakness?

Israel adds China's RMB to Central Bank reserves, cuts USD holdings - The Jerusalem Post


CalPERS to vote to replace Buffett as Berkshire chairman

The fund, whose full name is the California Public Employees' Retirement System, disclosed its vote in a regulatory filing ahead of Berkshire's scheduled April 30 annual meeting in Omaha, Nebraska.

The story is simple. Buffet has no patience for environmental nonsense. So the woke mob are trying to remove him. The fact that he is doing a wonderful job is irrelevant in their eyes


Exclusive: Russia's Sergey Glazyev introduces the new global financial system

The world's new monetary system, underpinned by a digital currency, will be backed by a basket of new foreign currencies and natural resources.

Thia imitative would, most likely, fail. But it is signaling that countries are fed up with the dominance of the US dollar and will act to replace it.


Wind energy company kills 150 bald eagles in US, pleads guilty pays fine

Tell me more how "renewable" energy is good for the environment...


The title: The unique, damaging role Fox News plays in American media

The revelation: President Biden views Rupert Murdoch, founder of Fox News, as “the most dangerous man in the world.”

The mission: Shut down any news outlet that doesn't support the Left narrative.


Berkshire Hathaway remains lowly rated on climate action - a good sign for investors!


How pathetic.
She became a CEO in 12 years but is still crying about *feeling* as an outsider. Grow up.


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