So everyone is agreeing that Fauci lied and the only disagreement is about his motives?

I don't have a bone in this fight. But until now the US Right was labeled as spreading misinformation when they claimed that Fauci was lying. Now Slate, a leftist publication, switching direction and saying that the US Right were tight all along...

The root error of the "Running out of resources" crowd do is that they equate material goods with value.

Value comes from the mind. Value is created by recognizing how something can be utilized to support our lives as human beings.

Aluminum had zero value until someone figured out how to process it. India was about to starve until some one created a new kind of crop. We are racing to mars so we can mine other planets.

Our resources are linted on,y by our imagination.

"Chinese regulators on Saturday published reforms that will fundamentally alter the business model of private firms teaching the school curriculum, as Beijing aims to overhaul a sector it says has been “hijacked by capital.”"

Never do business with a totalitarian regime!

I wonder why Ben & Jerry think there is a difference between Ariel (located in Samerea) and Tel Aviv of the Arabs / Muslims don't think that they are any different?

12 years of the "right" leaning Netanyahu and nothing was done for Jewish religious rights on the temple mount.

2 month with the "left" leaning Benet and we get this:

Thousands of Cubans are marching in Havana’s malecón demanding an end to the island’s 62 year-old communist dictatorship, chanting LIBERTAD.

The regime is blocking their internet. The world must stand with the Cuban people. #SOSCuba

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Here’s the Locals app. You can jump between Locals and be part of great communities built by people like @ScottAdamsSays @BridgetPhetasy @michaelmalice @DrKarlynB @yaronbrook and more. Creators own all the content and data and set their own rules.

1. *Everyone* is becoming poorer becaus of inflation
2. Raising the minimum wage will make inflation worse *and* add to unimployment.
3. The only way to fight the inflation is raising rates. But that will mean curbing spending...

And the stupid award of the day goes to the person who thinks that it is bad when all of society becomes wealthy.

Or maybe he is not stupid at all. Just extremely evil...

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BREAKING: Arizona House just failed to pass an amendment to a budget bill that would have funded students instead of systems

The vote was 28 to 28.

3 Republicans - Udall, John, and Osborne - joined the Democrats in voting against school choice.

The Facts Are On Israel's Side. In addition to our reading of the Bible, we also support Israel because we have studied the history of the modern State of Israel and we know that the facts are on her side. She is a legal nation, on legally acquired territory and she has the right to exist

A food truck was banned from an event because they were serving Jewish food.
Philadelphia, USA, 2021

Schools To Get Around CRT Bans By Just Beating White Kids With Sticks

“I was just thinking: What’s the essence of CRT?” said teacher Audrey Davidson. “And it occurred to me, we can still honor the spirit of CRT without actually teaching it — and that spirit is beating white kids with sticks for being white.”

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