‘We’ve moved backwards’ the guardian claims, noting a right wing "attack". But they are trying to hide something

"when a law criminalizing anybody who makes visually explicit materials available at a school went into effect in late August, they decided to keep the bookmobile away from schools."

So they are admitting thay they were trying to oush the border and peddle pornographic material to kids. Maybe that is what got the parents, regardless of their politics, mad?


A professor of geology (Simon P. Michaux - ) researched something that no one has researched before. Do we have enough raw material to move to "renewable" energy?

His conclusion:
"[...]replacing the existing fossil fuel powered system (oil, gas, and coal), using
renewable technologies, such as solar panels or wind turbines, will not be possible for the global human
population in just a few decades."

So lets find another way.


Remember when the green movement forced us all to switch to Led light. Well..

Increase in LED lighting ‘risks harming human and animal health’

Transition to blue light radiation across Europe increases suppression of sleep hormone melatonin, say scientists


Chile votes overwhelmingly to reject new, progressive constitution

Chile saved itself. For now. The Socialists will find another way


Notice the future tense. He has the speach ahead of time an instructions to start influenceing people to belive it.

The Dems supported riots looting and arsen.
Thay doesn't mean Trump has a right to call for violence.

It just shows that the two party system sucks!


This is an interesting propaganda piece. The author is trying to paint anyone who is right of center a a vilian by lumping them up with sex offenders.

40 Real-Life Heroes Who Lived Long Enough To Turn Into Villains


Salman Rushdie was stabbed by a believer.
A pregnant women was shot at the western wall by a Muslim believer.

The connection is Islam.

"OECD report finds has one of the biggest teachers' pay gaps"

What? Really? No!

What do you expect when the unions insist on pay-by-seniority instead of by merit?


Amazon's Ring has provided doorbell footage to police without owners' consent 11 times so far this year - someday there will be a law requiring all camera / recording devices to have a backdoor so that police can access the data whenever they want.


CNN is furious with the Iranian regime for aresting people who are "publishing lies to disturb public opinion" they are totally OK with preventing the spread of "misinformation" without realizing that there is no difference between them and the Iranian regime which they detest


"If a woman had nine children by three fathers she wouldn’t be a CEO like Elon Musk"

If someone would have questioned if a woman with 9 children from 3 fathers can be a CEO you would call him a misogynistic prick. And you would have been right.

Now you are just revealing yourself to be a sorry tiredsom hypocrite.


When the food shortages will come, they will deny any connection between the food shortages and their policies


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