Anarchism isn't opposition to government, it's opposition to the state.

We simply prefer to govern ourselves.

@liberdon The pic is already marked "sensitive content", even I can't see it unless I click the black rectangle. Obviously, that's sufficient for "work" situations.

I think there's more truth about your attitude in your errantly calling it "pornographic" than in your feeble rationale for censoring it.

But it's your server, so I'll remove it.

@thomaslknapp @liberdon He'll need to, or it won't grow in the first place.

In 25 years of running social media sites (including pre-Internet), topic Nazis always kill off activity in their realm, while the looser sites/boards tend to thrive.

@thomaslknapp @liberdon Ironically, that makes it not any different than normal social media. I suppose if the hosts are the sort who hang around the mindlessness of Twitter, they won't know this, but you can set up a group or Page on Facebook with exactly the same powers.

They should go be control freaks there, instead of wasting their time creating a tiny little server for it.

I own a number of FB groups and pages with tens of thousands of members. Much easier to do there.

@thomaslknapp What's a good, actually libertarian server?

@thomaslknapp @liberdon He seems to have some sort of fear of offending people, to an absolutely submissive degree.

I'm thinking some sort of politically correct libertarian. They actually exist. Afraid that there's something wrong with sexuality, so that he has to dishonestly pretend this is "pornography" in order to have an excuse to silence it.

@liberdon I did not post it because I thought it was borderline, I posted it to show how messed up Farcebook's standards are. The image is clearly NOT borderline, at all.

Again, it's clear that you're very sexually repressed, if you think this is "super edgy nudity", even though it's not technically nudity at all.

Some sort of SJW-archist, maybe? Worried about privilege-checking?

@orekix @liberdon Especially when it's only side-boob, not nipples.

As I said before, you could show that on broadcast TV. Clearly, it's not pornographic.

I'm thinking he must be severely sexually repressed. And kinda hypocritical, censoring this server more than Twitter.

@liberdon Pornographic? Even by legal standards, that is not pornographic. You could show it on broadcast TV. What the hell are you talking about?

So much for "an sound off without fear of reprisal"...apparently you have to fear reprisal by repressed prudes.

@Liberty4Masses I feel the same when people complain about government gridlock, or a do-nothing Congress.

If only that were the norm.

Oh, and if only government shutdowns were real!

@zerohedge A rare bit of sanity, pointing out that the original advocates of the second amendment were anti-standing-army.

I generally feel alone arguing that one. Setting aside the absolutist anarchists who are therefore against the second amendment, because all government is exactly as bad, in their eyes.

@Agoristball Is that "ghetto family" graphic intended to imply that the tax money going to support the standing army and police state is somehow legitimate?

@Anarchyball PLEASE tell me you don't support, or even like, Gary Johnson.

@Liberty4Masses So if the state says puppies are cute, they're not?

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@Liberty4Masses I watched some sociopathic Senator in a hearing, claiming precisely that: The only thing bitcoin is used for is crime.

The patent falseness of that says it all.


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