Member of the Belgian Parliament declares war against against Islamic oppression of women
Hijab demonises the female body & philosophy behind it doesn’t recognise freedom for women
Millions of women are fighting to throw it off, at the risk of their lives, in order to regain their freedom and dignity

L'Islam doit être arrêté maintenant
The new website of the Observatoire de l'islamisation is being installed. If the contents are all freely accessible again, some dysfunctions or functionalities not yet installed may hinder the navigation

Radical Islamist Groups Welcome Appointment of Rashad Hussain as Special Envoy to the OIC
MIM: Rashad Hussain is the newly appointed envoy to the Islamist and anti Western Organisation of Islamic Conference (OIC).In 2004 he made comments criticizing the prosecution of convicted terrorist and head of Palestinian Islamic Jihad in America

We promote pro-life education and defend human life at all stages, from conception to natural death. We also campaigns for resources to support and assist pregnant women and those in need of healing after abortion

Nach Islamismus-Vorwürfen: WDR setzt Zusammenarbeit mit Moderatorin El-Hassan aus KÖLN aus. Muslime versuchen immer, Gesellschaften zu erobern, indem sie versuchen, die Medien zu manipulieren

Tomorrow morning the 26-year-old muslim who unleashed panic on Saturday in Rimini will face a late interrogation due to a delay in finding an interpreter. First, on board a trolley bus, stabbing two female conductors who asked him to show a ticket. And then fleeing on the street and wounding three other people — among them a 6-year-old child — gravely but now out of danger

Visit the groundbreaking new ACUF Ratings site to see which state lawmakers qualified as radical leftists for their voting records

I ytringsfrihedens navn, vil jeg tillade mig at kalde Connie Kruckow og hendes sygeplejersker for grådige
Sygeplejersker tjener allerede langt mere end andre grupper i sundhedssektoren, og bør vise ansvarlighed istedet for grådighed

India: Married Muslim man lures two Hindu women into relationship, kills both
We have reported on numerous accounts of Hindu women being deceived into relationships by Muslim men and subsequently forced into religious conversions, condemned to living a hellish life, if not to being brutally murdered by the “beloved.”

The Libertarian National Committee has named Whitney Bilyeu from Texas to serve as the new Chair of the LNC. Whitney serves as the current Region 7 Representative to the LNC and is also the current Chair of LPTexas

L’association terroriste islamique BarakaCity dissoute en France, s’installe en Turquie et s’adresse aux « 8 millions de musulmans en France » (Mise à jour : Appel aux dons avec une jeune fille voilée)

Biden’s Jimmy Carter Style Screw-Up
President Biden has said he wanted to model FDR in his presidency
But with this country’s rising inflation and now the tragic Afghanistan debacle, Uncle Joe is channeling Jimmy Carter more and more every day

Der ganze Islam ist radikal. Nicht nur die Taleban.Noch bevor Taleban wieder an die Macht kam, war es in Afghanistan illegal, zum Christentum zu konvertieren.

Christians is the most discriminated people around the World. They are in most cases discriminated by muslims. Hungary is ready to help persecuted Christians

As the Muslim population increases in the United States, so too will the number of Islamic terror attacks. This is because the pool from which the radicals recruit grows bigger

Kim jesteśmy? Polska Liga Obrony skupia Patriotów, którzy chcą zadbać o dobro naszego kraju Czym się zajmujemy? Podejmujemy działania mające na celu zakaz imigrantów islamskich

Stop saying feminism, start saying equalinism. If we change the rhetoric to "I care about people — all people. I care about equality in all forms, and you should too

I want to suggest that all we Christians choose to make as many children as those beautiful Christian quiverfull families. We have to ensure that there will always be a Christian majority in this world

L’islam c’est le mensonge, la falsification, la dissimulation élevés au rang de vérité divine
Nous avons reçu un commentaire d’un musulman Ali Noor qui est l’archétype de la pratique des soumis à Allah pour essayer de nous berner et nous rouler dans la semoule

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