If you care at all about your privacy, you need to pressure existing payment gateways into supporting cryptocurrencies like that offer privacy options.


MN pooling services Crowdnode and Neptune Dash now have over 500 users, allowing more people to not only earn MN rewards, but with Crowdnode, also allowing them to participate in treasury voting.
@crowdnode @NeptuneDash


All PoW coins EXCEPT DASH are susceptible to 51% attacks and chain reorgs. If you want truly immutable money, is your only choice.


Dutch authorities shutdown centralized mixing service. The lesson is to never trust centralized privacy services and instead use decentralized and trustless services like 's PrivateSend.


VegaWallet and CoVault are partnering to bring payment solutions to the cannabis industry. Between this, Alt36 and Medicinal Genomics, is on path to being a major player in the cannabis industry.
@VegaWallet @CovaultBTM @altthirtysix


introduces the historic Chainlocks to mainnet with v.14. After it locks in, Dash will be THE most secure POW cryptocurrency, even more secure than Bitcoin.


Years of hard work is being realized with Drive and DAPI. continues to prove it is one of the few truly innovative projects that is actually capable of delivering.


Dash Core Group officially announces Dash Platform, an application development platform that integrates with the blockchain!


's active address count is growing faster than other major coins indicating increasing real world adoption.


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