The impact of decisions will significantly change when we move from a mostly speculative market to a market based on real use.

Remember, with crypto, YOU are responsible for protecting your crypto. This theft was only possible due to a cavalier attitude toward security. He's very, very lucky he got his funds back.

@bitcoinedu I do. Bitcoin has failed to deliver on its promise. Development has been taken over by the establishment. They're not even trying to be p2p money any more, just a SOV. Unfortunately, they forgot about basic economics in the process. You can't have a SOV if it doesn't have a use.

Brazillian exchange 3xBit now recognizes 's InstantSend, providing instantly settled transfers in and out of the exchange!

DashText is now available in Colombia, greatly increasing the ease of remittances back to Venezuela as only around 40% of Colombians have smartphones.

Excitement and FOMO, not the tangible benefits, may be the best approach when onboarding new merchants.

Podcast freaturing Demelza Hays.

Unfortunately Demelza (@CryptoPhD) had technical problems so her presence on the the podcast was limited. I really hope she can come again, I'd like to hear more about what she has to say.

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